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7 Ways to Incorporate the Pantone Color of 2019 to Your Home Decor

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  • 1 - Throw Pillows
  • 2 - Paints
  • 3 - Vases
  • 4 - Textiles
  • 5 - Art Pieces
  • 6 - Bed Sheets
  • 7 - Wardrobe Displays

Tell us we’re not the only ones itching to change things up in our home?

Maybe it’s the “new year, new me” momentum, but there’s this very strong urge to switch up our favorite comfort zone, even just to rearrange furniture or re-decorate. If you’re gonna do that, might as well incorporate the Pantone color of the year, “Living Coral”, to update your space with a trendy 2019 flavor.

Living Coral” is a bright, yet subtle, hue in the orange or peach family.

Inspired by the actual corals you look out for under the sea while snorkelling, this Pantone color is meant to “energize and enliven with a softer edge.” This makes it an easy and interesting addition to your home.

The following 7 methods are simple and easy to implement right away, without being too small that they’re unnoticeable:

1 – Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are probably the easiest and most affordable way of adding things up to your home.

It’s not a big commitment, but it makes a lot of difference when put on a couch or on your bed. Throw pillows come in varying sizes and are always an accent to a room regardless of size.

Opt for a plain Living Coral pillow if you plan on using it as a pop of color. Or, get one with a pattern to add both color and texture.

2 – Paints

If you’re game for a little makeover, painting surfaces or things is one way to do it. Sometimes your decor is outdated, whether in trends or your personal standards.

Using a paint in the Living Coral shade will update your surface to 2019-appropriate aesthetics. It can be as little as painting a lampshade or as major as creating an accent wall.

3 – Vases

If you aren’t already into ceramics, maybe it’s time to start your collection now. Like throw pillows, they’re another kind of decoration that instantly adds character to your place.

It’s probably the handmade quality or the interesting shapes they come in. They can uplift any blank surface. A vase is a versatile one because it can stand on its own or you can put flowers in it if you like.

4 – Textiles

Bath and hand towels, kitchen rugs, curtains, and fabrics of different purposes hang around your space. These fabrics can be in the color of Living Coral.

As with the other examples, they can be a big change or a small accent in certain parts of your entire place.

5 – Art Pieces

Art is deeply personal, so it’s one of the best ways to make your place look like your own. You can hang framed art with coral tones in it, which you can easily find in modern and trendy abstract paintings.

Getting it from small artists will make it even more special because someone took the time to make it with their own hands.

6 – Bed Sheets

If you’re particular about how your space looks, you probably already have all the major furniture covered.

One tip to incorporate Living Coral in a big way without crowding your space is to get bed sheets in that color.

Considering it’s the main accent of your bedroom, it’s going to transform your room in a way where you can’t escape the color.

7 – Wardrobe Displays

As you incorporate the Pantone color of the year to your wardrobe, you can use it as a double for your interior design.

Hanging your favorite Living Coral clothes on your clothing rack will immediately turn it into a decoration.

Saves on money too, so it’s a win-win!


Living Coral is an almost too perfect accent color. It’s a crime not to take advantage of it for your home decor.

With these easy tips, your space can have a lot more character with the most minimal of changes.

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