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5 Simple Steps to Bathroom Renovations Without Ruining Your Finances

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  • No.1 -- Go with straightforward designs
  • No.2 -- Try to avoid waste
  • No.3 -- Time to get those creative juices flowing
  • No.4 -- Don't forget to call in the professionals
  • No.5 -- Have a specific completion time frame in mind

There’s no doubt about it: home renovations are situated on the thin line of love-hate, as they can either turn out to be a great experience or the worst thing ever!

Regardless of how it goes, chances are pretty good that they’ll be causing a lot of stress – mostly due to the incorrect projections of the costs associated with those planned home renovations.

One of the most popular home renovations is the bathroom remodeling. There’s no reason why it can’t run quite smoothly if you follow the five steps bathroom renovations below:

No.1 — Go with straightforward designs

We can come up with one word in home design which is quite popular at the moment: simple.

Simple very likely means cheaper as well, but you’d be amazed how much choice you suddenly have available!

Simple also means less cluttered, which will allow you to create open spaces more easily.

No.2 — Try to avoid waste

Why bother getting too much material, only to throw 10-20% of it away when the job’s done?

Instead of ordering the entire delivery at once, perhaps aim for 80% coverage of the materials used? And go fetch whatever’s needed afterwards yourself in the event you’re running short of certain products.

This way, you’re guaranteed to avoid flushing money down the drain!

No.3 — Time to get those creative juices flowing

You’ve been wanting to buy those extra bathroom accessories for ages and now’s a good time to get them, no?

Well, perhaps you may want to look at something you already have in the house, which you haven’t used much of, and re-assign its purpose to some decorative accessory in the new bathroom!

How much fun could that be to achieve the same aesthetic from another item and turn it into your own new creation?!

You’d be amazed at how easy it actually is to find those types of items in the house!

No.4 — Don’t forget to call in the professionals

As much as you think you’ll be able to do yourself, there are a few things you don’t want to cut corners on.

One of them is plumbing!

Unless you’re quite comfortable working on those pipes, it might turn out to be more expensive if you try it out yourself first, only to realize afterward you’ll need to take out some of the tilings in order to properly install things!

Why not pre-empt that unnecessary cost and get a professional plumber involved?

Ask his opinion before you start the remodeling and see where he’d fit it.

It may seem like a ‘duh’ point, but it happens all the time!

No.5 — Have a specific completion time frame in mind

How long will it take you to finish the bathroom renovations? Like any other project, it’ll start costing more money than anticipated if deadlines get missed. There’s no need to extend the renovation any longer than expected.

With the involvement of professionals, you’re more than likely to stay on schedule, as those guys need to get the job done in x-amount of days as the next assignment awaits their arrival!

Overall, bathroom remodeling can be an expensive ordeal, but if you follow these steps to bathroom renovations, who knows: you might actually enjoy the entire remodeling process!


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