Telltale Signs You Need a New Home

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  • (1) House is too small for bigger families
  • (2) House size is an issue
  • (3) House is too big
  • (4) House is too much maintenance
  • (5) House is getting too expensive
  • (6) House is now in a bad neighborhood
  • (7) House is too far from work

Moving into a new house can really give you that fresh start that you have been longing for all these years.

For many, it is a wonderful feeling, but for most, it can be a very stressful time – a time that they would rather avoid completely. A house is an investment and usually people who buy a house plan on staying there for longer periods of time.

However, sometimes it is necessary to put the house on the market and pack up to move on to a new adventure. But how do you know when it’s the right time?

(1) House is too small for bigger families

The most common sign might be that your family has grown out of the home.

Suddenly, the house seems too small for your too-big children. They might want their own bedrooms or you might need your own office for professional purposes.

Young adults also tend to stay in their parents’ home (too) long after they have finished their studies.

Plus, if you still need to look after your own aging parents, the house might become too small too quickly.

It is definitely time for a bigger home if you find yourself in this position.

(2) House size is an issue

You might have been living alone in a bachelor flat and then you met someone!

As soon as you decide to move in together, you find that your space is now being shared by someone else and they are taking up most of the room. You will probably want to move to a trendy studio or a bigger townhouse.

New marriages, relationships, or partnerships are also one of the main reasons why people move out from their smaller homes into bigger homes – especially if they are thinking of starting a family.

(3) House is too big

Another situation might be that your family has now grown up completely and that they are looking for other places to stay.

You realize that you have too much space once everyone has found their own little nest.

Even though it might sound idyllic, it can be a bit of a pain, especially when it comes to keeping it maintained and clean. If you are ready to retire or if you have already done so, you might want to think about selling the place for a smaller home.

A unit in a complex will give you better security and peace of mind as you enter the golden years.

(4) House is too much maintenance

Some people love home improvement and DIY, but if you are someone that would rather chill in front of the TV on your off days, then consider moving to a place with low maintenance.

A new home in a complex will definitely allow you to enjoy your off days.

(5) House is getting too expensive

If you are struggling to pay your bills at the end of the month and can’t keep up with your bond repayment, it might be time to scale down.

Consider moving to an affordable home so that you can get a better grip on your finances.

(6) House is now in a bad neighborhood

If the neighborhood that you are living in is busy declining and showing an increase in crime, you might want to move to a different area.

You might have to scale down in size, but at least you will be in a safer environment.

(7) House is too far from work

If the daily commute has you down every time you get to work or come home, then it might be time to move closer to your office.

You will save money on petrol and you can cut down on driving time.

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