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5 Things Home Sellers Do That Real Estate Agents Hate

Story Highlights
  • #1 - Sticking around for showhouse
  • #2 - Promising repairs but not following through
  • #3 - Giving the agent no room to breathe
  • #4 - Overhyping upgrades
  • #5 - Leaving a mess

When you are selling your home you should be focused on two things: getting your house sold and selling your house as fast as possible.

This is probably why you have already enlisted the help of a professional and reputable real estate agent to assist you in these two goals.

But where do you draw the line between becoming too involved and sitting on the sideline?

No one can argue that you know your house better than anyone else, but that does make you qualified to sell it?So, why try to interfere with exactly the person you’ve hired to do the job?

Here are a few things home sellers do that agents hate:

#1 – Sticking around for showhouse

This is undoubtedly on number one!

Let’s be blunt for a minute: you are going to be the third wheel when you stick around during a showhouse.

It would be advisable for you to stay away from the house and let the agent work his/her magic.

Buyers are already apprehensive when they move around in a strange house, especially if their furniture is still inside, so the home seller’s presence will make it feel like they are intruding even more.

Many buyers have left upon finding the seller in the house during a showing. Please don’t make that mistake.

#2 – Promising repairs but not following through

The best thing you can do for yourself and for your home is to repair broken objects before you put the house on sale.

The reason for this is because when a buyer notices something needs repairing and the seller confirms that it will be repaired, it becomes an expectation.

Nevermind the potential nightmare to come if the repairs never took place AND nothing was ever mentioned in the contract!

If you find out that the repairs are too expensive, you are leaving your dirty work in the hands of your agent. You could pressurize the situation and lose out on a deal because you didn’t do your homework properly.

#3 – Giving the agent no room to breathe

Have you ever done something that you are really good at but it feels like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder to see whether it is being done right?

That is exactly the feeling that you are creating when you don’t give your agent space to breathe.

The excitement of buying or selling a home is overwhelming and you might feel very anxious, but you need to let the agent to the job for you. It will put strain on them and this could lead to substandard work.

Take a deep breath and accept the fact that the agent knows what s/he is doing.

#4 – Overhyping upgrades

Sure, you might think that the jacuzzi you just installed is amazing, but remember that not everything you think of as an upgrade will be seen as such by everyone.

For example, plush carpeting might not be a great selling point if someone has allergies and prefers hardwood floors.

Or, heated floors might be a fantastic idea to you, but someone else might feel like it requires too much maintenance.

Don’t feel bad for thinking that your house is the best; just don’t get too involved with the idea that everyone else will think the same as you do.

#5 – Leaving a mess

This one is a huge no-no for real estate agents.

Leaving your home in a mess is absolutely unacceptable.

The house might have been expertly staged and rearranged, but it is still up to the seller to ensure that the house is clean.

You don’t have to go to the extreme and do a deep clean every single day, but uphold the reputation of your house: do basic sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing.

Don’t think you can just leave everything everywhere after the photos have been taken.

Remember, it is still going to be on show.  

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