6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Modern Hygge Haven

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  • No.1 - Use candlelight to create a cozy atmosphere
  • No.2 - Let the natural light in
  • No.3 - Put accents on natural elements
  • No.4 - Try to grow some flowers
  • No.5 - Embrace drastic changes
  • No.6 - Repaint your walls in natural tones

Many are not familiar with the Danish word Hygge.

It represents the feeling of coziness and describes enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Although the word depicts their way of life, it also embodies Danish decor. People around the world are trying to imitate and recreate what Danes have established as the ultimate comfort.

Hygge is a concept that used to be strictly related to winter. Nothing will stop you from embracing this concept and the design and enjoying it throughout the whole year. Prepare all the supplies you need and get ready for a makeover of the year. 

You will learn how to rearrange your house to make it more functional yet cozy. Once you adopt this design, you’ll get used to the way of life it promotes:

No.1 – Use candlelight to create a cozy atmosphere

Danes associate candlelight with the feeling of coziness. Candles are known for creating a warm atmosphere, not only in Danish culture.

Surround yourself with candles, and once the sun goes down, light them up, and enjoy the mood. Candles are not only a nice touch, because they can be useful too.

If you switch to candles when you’re not doing anything that requires you to turn on the lights, you will save an immense amount of electricity. Find scented candles, and your home will always smell fresh and clean. Try not to mix different scents, for it may become overwhelming. 

If you don’t want to rely on candles as a source of light, consider using them as a decoration. Place a few on the shelves to break the monotony, and you’ll be satisfied with the outcome. 

No.2 – Let the natural light in

Natural light will make your home seem fresher and more spacious. Large windows are what every home needs.

Don’t hesitate to reframe a wall for a larger window if your living room is too dark even during the day. The brighter living environment will improve your mood, and you will feel more productive and ready for the day that lies ahead. 

To turn your home into a Hygge haven, you need to allow it to bathe in sunlight every day. Combine new windows drapes that match the sofa and pillows, and you’re halfway done. 

No.3 – Put accents on natural elements

Natural materials are always a good choice when it comes to a fast makeover.

Wooden floors and furniture can make your house unrecognisable.

Luckily, you don’t have to stop there. There are other wooden elements you can add to your design. If you have small children, wooden toys will be useful during every playtime session. They’re not easy to break and will stay in good condition for long enough to welcome your grandchildren. 

Cutlery with wooden details will be a lovely detail on every table. Find what you like the most and surround yourself with it. Furniture made out of wood looks amazing on natural light. Combine that with the window replacement projects for the ultimate aesthetic and satisfaction. 

No.4 – Try to grow some flowers

Not everyone fancies plants. If you do, try to get as much as you can inside, rather than working on your outdoor garden.

Your indoor plants will be a great addition wherever you decide to hang them.

Try to find flower pots in different shapes and sizes and experiment with the setup. You can even add plants to your bathroom to create a small spa oasis. Either way, you can’t make a mistake. Rely on your taste, and the results will be pleasing. 

Obviously, ensure you learn how to take care of those plants. Water them regularly, and put them in places that provide lots of sunlight. 

No.5 – Embrace drastic changes

If your home is too small and you can’t think of the best way to turn it into a Hygge haven, you should make more radical changes.

Sometimes changing decoration is not enough.

We need to embrace transformations along the way. If you’ve outgrown your old home and are looking for something new, or the winds of change are whistling through the cracks in your walls, a knockdown rebuild might be the answer.

Trustworthy new home builders will advise you on what project is the best for you. Once you determine what you want, they will make changes you’ll proudly show to all your friends and family. 

If you don’t know where to begin, consultation with a professional is necessary. You will get the idea of what renovation projects are possible.

If you need to avoid some projects due to whatever reason, they will provide alternatives. They will do whatever they can to ensure you’re satisfied in the end. 

No.6 – Repaint your walls in natural tones

To create a cozier environment, consider repainting your walls in calming colours. Light beige or caramel will freshen your room, and give the whole area a more pleasant look.

Combining and playing with different shades can also create positive results. Find an adequate colour palette, and decide what shades go well with each other. 

If you don’t want to rely on your own taste, perhaps consider consulting an interior designer. Explain what you’re trying to accomplish. They will tell you what colours will go well together. Hire a professional to repaint your walls.


Everybody has their idea of coziness. However, some concepts are universal, but that doesn’t mean you have to be strict and follow all the rules.

Stay true to the main idea, but give yourself the freedom to experiment and create your version of a Hygge haven. 

With a little bit of hard work and determination, your home will look brand new in less than a few weeks. This is an ideal project that will change your lifestyle as well. If you’re feeling like it, you can make small changes with each season. Try to add new details, and don’t hesitate to invest in home improvements.

If you are not satisfied with the way your space is arranged, transformation is inevitable. In the end, don’t forget that what matters most is your personal satisfaction.

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