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Types of Toilet Suites Online: A Buyer’s Guide

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Toilet suites are more about functionality than style, but that doesn’t mean you cannot purchase the ones that suit your interior design

Now when you search for toilet suites online, you’ll find a variety of options in terms of technology, looks, size, and other features. You may find your desired combination online after going through a variety of suites. 

Hence, instead of settling for the classic toiler suite, you can check out the multitude of choices available online to renovate the looks of you. To aid you in your search this buyer’s guide can help you finalize your decision to get the best toiler suite for your home:


With a crisis in water availability, we all need to make sure of using minimum water for our daily needs, which we can also for our bathroom needs. 

A normal toilet will have nozzles at the rim to spray out water for cleaning purposes. Such technologies can use too much water, thereby wasting them unnecessarily. 

The double-cyclone style available in the toilet suites online will be a perfect solution to this. 

These have 2 nozzles on the rim creates a double cyclone effect on being active. The double cyclone uses minimal water for complete cleaning, helping you maintain a sanitary toilet and save water in the long run. 


Gravity-feed toilet holds the water above before flushing, so when you press the nozzle, it lets the water flow below you for cleaning purposes. 

The advantage of a gravity-feed toilet is in its water usage. This option allows for the usage of a certain amount of water for the storage unit, which helps in utilizing minimum resources for maximum cleaning. 

When you’re looking for toilet suites online, you’ll find that the gravity-feed option can help with water-overflow which is a hassle with the older choices. 

Hence, such options can be very useful for an eco-friendly home. 

Waterless Toilet

When you’re checking through the toilet suites online, you should read through the waterless options also. 

These waterless options are more useful for work sites, but you can also try them for camping and other temporary gatherings. 

Such designs do not use any water but take the option of collecting in a receptacle. You can hence, save water with this technology. Installing such waterless toilet suites can be one of the best sanitary options in your home giving you the best result with less water wastage. 


If you’re thinking about saving space in a quaint bathroom, the wall-mounted toilet suites online are a good option to opt for. These consume less space and can become an eye-catcher. 

Although these are more popular installs for mega-malls, such designs can be also useful for customized homes. You can install it on any wall with water pipe provisions. 

Another benefit of these suites is that they don’t touch the floor. Hence, cleaning your bathroom is an easy and quick task with such wall-mounted toilets. As the tank stays within the walls, the area looks clean, expanded, and spacious. 

Touch less-Flush

In recent times, we have become more cautious about being clean to keep ourselves far from getting sick. The touch-less toilet flush can add as a benefit to this cause. 

When you are searching toilet suites online for your home, you will find that these options come with motion-sensors that immediately detect a hovering hand over it. 

You can, hence, use the washroom without touching that others have touched and used with unhygienic hands. It is a good sanitary option for modern homes and can be affordable as well. Hence, you should wisely choose your toilet suites online.

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