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3 Best Ways to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

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  • 1. Add Stylish Details
  • 2. Upgrade Your Landscaping
  • 3. Install Outdoor Entertainment

Feel as if your home isn’t exactly the luxurious palace you deserve?

Just a few adjustments to the interior and exterior of your home can enhance your everyday life.

Here are three great ways to give your home a stylish makeover, both inside and out:

1. Add Stylish Details

For your home to feel luxurious, it needs to look the part. Start by updating the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms.

You can make a huge difference just by swapping out your current faucets, knobs, and pulls with contemporary options that feature a brushed metal finish.

As always, be sure to choose options that blend well with the overall style of your home. Use a distressed black finish to give your home an industrial vibe, or choose brushed brass to give your kitchens and baths some extra touches of warmth. Try not to mix and match styles as it distracts from the elegant appearance you’re looking for.

Upgrading your interior lighting is another way to transform any room from shabby to sophisticated.

Replace your current light fixtures with contemporary options, and be sure to pay attention to the finish of these fixtures and make sure they match with the fixtures and hardware present throughout your home.

In addition, you’ll need to upgrade the light fixtures at your front entry – it’s especially effective to install an impressive chandelier. A stylish fixture, such as an antler chandelier, is the perfect way to express your personality and add some visual flair to any entry space.

Your guests will surely be impressed!

2. Upgrade Your Landscaping

While you go about making your home look more luxurious, don’t forget to give some attention to your exterior spaces, as well.

Luckily, you can make many landscaping upgrades yourself with an investment of some time and elbow grease.

Start by ensuring that your lawn stays healthy and attractive. To do this, you’ll need to go beyond basic lawn maintenance like mowing and fertilizing. Just a couple of extra steps, including trimming with a half-moon edger and performing annual aeration, will provide you with a dense, green yard that you’ll enjoy from spring to fall.

You’ll also want to make your flower beds more visually appealing by adding height to your garden. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing a wooden arch, trellis, or garden obelisk from your local nursery. Once you’ve chosen and installed your new garden structure, plant it up with climbing vines and flowering plants. Train them to climb the structures by stringing twine from the top of the structure to the ground.

Once the plants become established, they’ll provide your garden with cascading foliage and increased visual interest. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much a new landscape design strategy can make the overall appearance of your property much more striking and richer.

3. Install Outdoor Entertainment

One thing that every luxury home has is plenty of options for fun and entertainment.

To really take your home to the next level, consider adding outdoor entertainment features to your property.

When you think of outdoor entertainment, you likely immediately think of a gorgeous swimming pool. If you do choose to install an in-ground pool in your yard, make sure to customize it with trendy options like a tanning shelf and pool grotto, but don’t forget to include the classic whirlpool spa.

In addition, an attractive space for al fresco dining is an outdoor entertainment option that many luxury homes have. You can create your new eating space by using an existing patio or installing a new one. Once you have your surface in place, install a pergola or adjustable awning to give you and your guests some shelter from the sun as you dine in the fresh air. Some string lights or solar-powered lanterns will add some glowing light to complete the transformation! 

Some key upgrades can make all the difference in turning an ordinary home into your own personal castle. By following these tips, you’ll feel like royalty in your own home!


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