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7 Home Decor Upgrades to Give Your Home That Expensive Look

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  • 1 - Paint shows more than you may think
  • 2 - Well-kept garage door means vigilant owner
  • 3 - Landscaping is always a good idea
  • 4 - Patios can offer more than just added area
  • 5 - Add a statement piece
  • 6 - Declutter your living space
  • 7 - Salt lamp decor for bedroom

Building a house is one thing and turning it into a home is totally another!

It takes passion, devotion, and certain family values to do so.

Why is it that no two houses look alike? The answer lies in the fact that after the grey structure is erected, homeowners get down to the business of customizing it to their likings and taste. It is, therefore, said a living space is the direct depiction of the habits and customs of the owner. 

Homeowners all around the world take it upon themselves to decorate their houses in the most unique and fascinating styles to heighten the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

According to an online research study, about 6 out of 10 people in the United States own a living place for themselves, and more than 70% of these people resort to the interior or exterior decor services to transform the house into a more personalized living space that speaks of their interests.

Working on a Budget

Most of the time, people have to work within a fixed range of the budget and in these circumstances, upgrading or customizing the house seems almost an impossible task. But here, it is to be realized that a lot can be done within a limited budget only if you do the right homework and make up your mind as to what you want.

Some homeowners paint a bright hue to the walls or others may add a signature furniture piece to giving their living room a more high-toned and upscale look. On the same footings, a lot of people turn to make the outsides of their house more pleasing to the viewing eyes.  

Whatever your preferences are, interior decor or exterior one, continue reading the verbiage and you may get something for yourself too. 

Upgrading the Exterior of Your House

Whether it’s interior or exterior, both parts of the living space are equally important and work together to make up a whole.

As more and more people are inclined to customize the facade of their houses, it is important to keep the subsequent tips in mind.

Some things may work for you and some may not, it all depends on what you have chalked up in your mind:

1 – Paint shows more than you may think

It is not a one-time investment. Painting a fresh coat is necessary to keep the house the way you want it to be. Some adept homeowners take it upon themselves to paint the outsides of the house at regular intervals, but most hire a professional painter for the job

If you do not arrange a periodic painting appointment for the house, it may get shabby and worn-out, eventually becoming an eyesore. You certainly would not want that.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your house, you may want to start ringing your painting company first!

2 – Well-kept garage door means vigilant owner

A garage door or an overhead door is not only there for the purpose of entering or exiting the house, but it can also do more than that!  A well-maintained and apt-working garage door would mean that the owner of the house takes care of its property. It may speak volumes about you as a homeowner. 

For this reason, if you still have not, hire the best garage door repair in your area for the job. They will make sure that all the problems are kept in check. 

The owner of an experienced garage door repair company was of the view that “if you hear erratic noises or suspect indolent movement, it is high time you call your garage door provider.“ 

3 – Landscaping is always a good idea

Planting a mini-garden or lawn with exotic flowers or the ones that you like can work well to upgrade the appearance of your house.

Particularly, if you are looking to sell your house in the near future, a colorful lawn may attract buyers. You can, additionally, add lighting to make it more appealing when the Sun has set. 

4 – Patios can offer more than just added area

Not only do decks and patios increase living space, but they also magnify the beauty of the house.

Work to maintain your patios. You may install a glass cover, it may not only let you enjoy the casual family talk, but also the weather while reading your favorite book. 

Work Inside for an Upgraded Interior

A man of words once said that someone enters a house, he or she makes up a certain image about the homeowner and its habits. For this reason, if you are looking to upgrade your house, consider indoors too.

Here are a few “trendy” tips that you may find useful yourself:

5 – Add a statement piece

A statement piece can be anything, a piece of furniture, a new rug, or maybe exotic plants, that describe yourself into the interior of the house. You can also “mix and match” and play with colors.

One of the most contemporary trends is to install layered lighting or hang an intriguing art piece.

If you have pillows and cushions in the living area, swap them out! There is only so much that you can do to add “yourself” into the interior of your house.

6 – Declutter your living space

Start with the things that you may not want, get rid of them. You may give them to a near-by charity organization or lend your friends. Get chic and modern baskets and racks.

Remember: A cluttered up space would not let you do much while upgrading your home.

Hence, de-clutter! It will save you up so much of the space which you can use to add an art piece or anything that you fancy.

7 – Salt lamp decor for bedroom

Getting a salt lamp decor for the bedroom will lift your interior decor game up to many levels. There are believed to have numerous health benefits, soothe allergies, boost sleep, and clean the surrounding air.

They emit negative ions that clean, deodorize and filter the air. It is, especially, quite beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma, as it boosts breathing. Moreover, they are an environment-friendly source of light and add a chic pop to your bedroom.

Closing thought

While looking to upgrade home decor, work to improve both interior and exterior parts of the house.

A well-maintained house speaks volume about the homeowner and therefore always try to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing with a practical functional space!


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