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7 Tips for Aluminium Shutters Care

Story Highlights
  • Use natural cleaning agents if your shutter is powder coated
  • Clean often so that dust doesn't pile up
  • To clean debris, you can use a toothbrush
  • Avoid using strong soap and other chemicals
  • Check the brackets and hinges
  • If there is high pollution, clean more often
  • Sliding panels should be handled carefully

If you have opted for aluminium shutters, then it can be already presumed that one of your main goals is to keep the level of maintenance minimum.

In fact, their durability and low-maintenance requirements make them widely used products in various fields.

However, having said that, it doesn’t mean you can overlook them completely after installation. They will need a little bit of maintenance from time to time in order to function properly.  

Following are few tips on maintenance of aluminium shutters which you should follow:

1 – Use natural cleaning agents if your shutter is powder-coated

This coating allows the shutter to be free of dirt and other dust deposits over a long time. Hence, the coating makes a great convenience for the user, as he or she would no longer need to put much effort into cleaning it.

However, when you are cleaning such shutters, you should use a natural agent so that it doesn’t decay or remove the coating. This coating enables the dirt to be wiped off simply with water, and hence, you will want this coating to stay functional if possible.

2 – Clean often so that dust doesn’t pile up

Although it isn’t required frequently, cleaning the aluminium shutters often will make them last longer.

While cleaning, you can also use the vacuum. This will ensure that there is no dust left behind.

Sometimes, the dust debris can prevent the shutter from shutting down smoothly. Hence, you should also investigate this factor and clean it while you can.

3 – To clean debris, you can use a toothbrush

Though it may sound a bit strange, a toothbrush can handle the debris better than most other solutions out there.

With a toothbrush, you can reach even the small areas of surfaces, and hence you can clean them very easily.

4 – Avoid using strong soap and other chemicals

While you are cleaning the shutter, you should avoid using soap and other types of cleaning agents unless it is essential.

The soap water can cause discolouration and damage to the shutters.

Moreover, the soapy water or other chemical cleaning agents can also react with the protecting layer, thus playing a key role in removing the protection layer. Hence, you should avoid using soap water while cleaning those shutters.

5 – Check the brackets and hinges

The brackets and hinges are those parts which enable the shutter to move easily, and they play a key role in the smooth functioning of the aluminium shutters.

Hence, they should be checked regularly in order to check if there are any signs of damage to them. They should also be lubricated from time to time, so that the shutter doesn’t get stuck while opening or closing.

As a rule of thumb, they should be lubricated at least once every year.

6 – If there is high pollution, clean more often

In the areas of low pollution, the aluminium shutter doesn’t require much attention.

Even with less frequent cleaning, they can go on for a long time as there isn’t much dust around where it can hamper the functionality of the shutter.

But if the shutter is in an area where there is high pollution, then you should start to clean them more frequently.

7 – Sliding panels should be handled carefully

The sliding panels are one of the integral parts of the shutter. Hence, while opening, closing or cleaning, they should be handled with utmost care, especially when the sliding panel is closing to its locking position.

Any extensive force on that impact may damage the hinges, and hence you may need a repair. That’s why you should always lubricate the hinges regularly so that the aluminium shutters function without much friction and you won’t need to apply excessive force in order to open them.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can take good care of your aluminium shutters. Take a good look at those and use them on a regular basis.


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