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5 Things You Never Thought to Frame

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  • No.1 - Maps
  • No.2 - Magazine covers and advertisements
  • No.3 - Shells and flowers
  • No.4 - Book covers
  • No.5 - Your bar

When we look at our barren, empty walls we immediately think of filling it with art such as portraits, paintings and photographs.

But there is so much more that we can put in a frame; everyday objects that we don’t even think about!

Things like flowers, found objects or even books can make great pieces of home décor if done right. Look outside the frame and see what artistic pieces you find right under your nose.

Here are 5 things to frame for those with adventurous souls:

No.1 – Maps

These days we almost never use maps anymore because we are so reliant on GPS technology to get us from one place to another, but this does not mean that they are useless.

They are filled with colour and visual texture which makes it a great focal point for any room.

You can make it a very personal piece of art by choosing maps that mean a lot to you, like maps of your hometown or maps where you met that special person. Smooth them out and stick them in a frame as a fond memory and beautiful addition to your wall.

No.2 – Magazine covers and advertisements

Next time you want to toss your magazines in the recycling bin, have a look at the cover and advertisements inside. These pages are filled with colour and they can be transformed into a vibrant piece of art for your walls.

You can choose to make it as vintage or modern as you want by paging through older magazines or simply tearing a page out of a newer one.

Get a subject that interests you or fits the theme of your room and simply put it in a frame! Don’t discard smaller adverts either – they can easily be made into a collage.

No.3 – Shells and flowers

How many times have you gone on holiday to the beach where you picked up shells and they just lie discarded in a jar?

Or how many bouquets of flowers have you received and just thrown them away when they start wilting?

You can easily frame these natural objects for a simple piece of art.

You can mount them to a painted board using glue or epoxy, then slip them into a frame or a deeper shadowbox. This way you can enjoy the memories of your vacations every time you walk into a room.

No.4 – Book covers

It often happens that we read a book so interesting and gripping that the sight of the cover brings back that giddy feeling of finishing a book.

Literature is art in its own right and just as it touches the heart, it can touch the eyes as well.

You can frame your favourite book covers and put them on display in your office, in your room or even in your living room. If a particular cover interests you, you can use it as an art piece that is bound to attract attention.

No.5 – Your bar

Of course, we don’t mean trying to fit your entire bar into a frame, but you can use the frame to give your liquor collection the royal treatment.

Place a large gilded frame around the open shelving that contains the cocktail mixers. You can even consider painting the wall a bold colour so that it becomes the centerpiece of the room. The best part about installing this frame is that you can sit back and enjoy a well-deserved double when you are done!

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply buy a frame and put anything in there that holds a special memory for you.

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