8 Benefits of a Pest Inspection When Buying or Selling a Home

Story Highlights
  • #1 - Avoiding Destruction
  • #2 - Not Being Held Liable
  • #3 - Staying Healthier
  • #4 - Keeping Fido Happy
  • #5 - Steering Clear of Allergies
  • #6 - Sleeping Better at Night
  • #7 - Living Without Creepy Crawlies
  • #8 - Doing What's Right

Imagine moving into a home you’ve just purchased only to find there are unwanted guests setting up residence right along with you.

That’s what can happen if there are pests in your home that you never knew about. If you’re buying a home, or selling one, you need to make sure there are no surprise critters for the new owner.

Here are several facts about having a pest inspection before you sign those papers:

#1 – Avoiding Destruction

Before you finalize the purchase of a home, a pest inspection is very important to avoid any structural damage.

Termites and carpenter ants like nothing more than to quietly munch away on any wood throughout the home. This can pose a tremendous threat, especially if it’s been going on undetected.

Additionally, squirrels and rodents can also do damage by chewing into wiring behind the walls and creating a fire hazard. It’s better to know now and avoid a catastrophe in the future. 

#2 – Not Being Held Liable

Most people want a new home buyer to have a great experience moving into a house. No one wants to sell a property that will cause anyone numerous headaches.

Plus, if you sell a home that has an infestation problem, you could actually be found liable for damage, especially if the new owners believe you knew about it. While that may be difficult to prove, the best thing you can do is to have an inspection and eliminate any doubt. 

#3 – Staying Healthier

Another reason you want to avoid finding creatures in your home is that they can cause illness.

Whether you find a rat or a common house mouse, these rodents can leave behind excrement and bacteria that can cause disease, especially hantavirus, a potentially fatal illness.

Not only that, but rodents can carry parasites like ticks, putting you at risk from bites or even Lyme disease. You’ll also have to meticulously clean every day, especially if your kitchen is the main area of infestation.

#4 – Keeping Fido Happy

When you move into a new home, remember to think about your pets. A new place is an adjustment on furry friends just like it is for everyone else.

Diseases can affect your dog or cat, too. You also can’t risk having a pet near a rodent that could have been poisoned elsewhere.

Having a clean start in your new house should be a terrific experience for everyone including the family mascot.

#5 – Steering Clear of Allergies

Rodents aren’t the only invaders you might find in your home.

Lurking almost undetected, you might be horrified to find a massive bee nest in one of the walls. It all starts with one errant bee or hornet that makes its way into your living quarters while hundreds more are hidden.

This can be a terrible problem for anyone allergic to stings. It can also be a challenge to remove. Having a thorough check-up of the residence should ease any worries.

#6 – Sleeping Better at Night

Just the idea that there is any kind of infestation in a dwelling can cause anxiety and unrest.

At night, you’ll sleep with one eye open waiting for the next scampering or rustling inside the walls. This can cause nights of worry and even fear, particularly if you have small children.

It’s stressful and not a good way to live, especially when you bought the home to have a peaceful retreat from the world.

#7 – Living Without Creepy Crawlies

At the very worst, an infestation can actually cause the inhabitants to flee the residence.

Vacating your new house certainly wasn’t your idea of homeownership, but if you end up with a cockroach or bed bug problem, leaving while the home is being exterminated will be your only choice.

Having it inspected for creepy crawlies ahead of time will eliminate this scenario.

#8 – Doing What’s Right

Buying a home should be one of the happiest times in your life. Likewise, selling it shouldn’t be problematic either.

Doing what’s right and not cutting corners, such as having a professional pest inspection, will make the experience easier and more pleasant for everyone involved. 

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