5 Valuable Tips to Creating a Marketable Home

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  • 1 - Safety Features
  • 2 - Garage Doors
  • 3 - Fresh Paint
  • 4 - Outdoor Deck
  • 5 - Kitchen Remodel

If you think you might put your house on the market in the next year or two, now is perhaps the time to begin making upgrades to it to increase its marketability.

There are a few things everyone wants to see in a house like fresh paint and a new kitchen, but there are also some other wow-items that can help your home stand out from others on the market:

1 – Safety Features

Even if you’re not interested in installing a full-fledged security system, there are a number of upgraded security enhancements that you can put in.

All outside doors, for example, should be solid wood with deadbolt locks. Sliding glass doors should have a fitted pipe at the base so they cannot slide open when the pipe is fit into the frame.

Windows too should have their own locks as this is the easiest way for thieves to get in. Consider installing impact windows that are harder to break and provide protection against projectiles during a heavy storm.

A safe vault is also an excellent way to protect important papers and valuable objects against burglars and also fire.

2 – Garage Doors

Although installing a new garage door isn’t a flashy fix-up, it will hold its value when it’s time to sell.

Insulated garage doors can really help keep your garage cool (or warm). Along with functionality, there are beautiful garage door styles that will improve the look of the front of the house. Adding a whisper quiet garage door opener also adds resale value.

3 – Fresh Paint

One of the least expensive fixes you can make to any house before you put it on the market is a fresh coat of paint.

Figure out what colors are the next hottest trend and you will have immediately created an updated feel to your house.

Currently, warm beige is making a comeback pushing grey tones to yesterday’s news. The nice thing about painting is that you can take a room-by-room approach to keep from getting overwhelmed.

4 – Outdoor Deck

Adding a deck is also a great upgrade. If you can help a buyer visualize a spacious outdoor living space, they may feel like they are getting more house than the square meterage indicates.

The best placement for a deck is right out the back door so that the indoor living space flows harmoniously to the outdoors. Consider adding a tight railing to help keep small children corralled and provide a place to lean against and set your drink down.

If your yard is very large; however, you might consider a deck placement away from the house creating a separate party or relaxation area. There are many options when choosing what to build the deck with. Cedar is a classic beautiful choice for decking, but many people prefer a composite synthetic material because of its durability.

5 – Kitchen Remodel

The mother of all upgrades, of course, is the kitchen remodel.

Although inconvenient and costly, the return on this investment is high.

Start with high-end appliances and figure out where they will go before placing cupboards. A shiny five-burner gas stove, quiet two-drawer dishwasher, and an oversized farm sink are sure to draw some attention from home buyers.

Build the cabinets around the appliances. Consider soft closing drawers and roll-out shelving. Awkward spaces should be made useful by adding a tiny cupboard, display niche, or a lazy Susan-type drawer.

Don’t overwhelm the kitchen with too much of your personality. The new owners will want to add their own decorative touches. Keep the backsplash simple with a handful of decorator tiles (at most) interspersed with clean lines.

Lighting is especially important in the kitchen. Under counter task lighting is easy to install and well worth the effort. In addition, hang some attractive pendant lights over the island or kitchen table. If possible, add an overhead pot-rack. Every space should be useful.

After consulting with a real estate agent, make a list of value-added upgrades for your house. The more you complete now, the more time you will have to enjoy them before you sell.

And who knows? You might just end up creating your dream home along the way.


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