5 Hidden Problems in the Bedroom You Don’t See in a Video Tour

Story Highlights
  • Problem 1 - It might not really be the bedroom
  • Problem 2 - The bedroom has no privacy
  • Problem 3 - It has outdated fixtures
  • Problem 4 - The early morning sun will be your alarm
  • Problem 5 - Your furniture might not fit

Since COVID-19 hit our shores, many businesses had to resort to virtual modes of operation in order to adapt and survive in the ‘new normal‘ of doing business.

Real estate agents are no different and have largely taken on the usage of home video tours so buyers can still buy property without running the unnecessary risk of infection. But how accurate are these videos really?

If you thought listing photos can hide a lot of things, it is quite easy to set up a bedroom and angle the camera such that the buyer only sees its good spots.

Here are five hidden problems in the bedroom that are not shown in a video tour:

Problem 1 – It might not really be the bedroom

Many listings will call an extra room a bedroom when it cannot be classified as one.

Is it technically correct to classify a room as a bedroom if it does not have a window, or enough room for a bed, or cupboard space? Say, a study?

The ceiling should be tall enough for an adult to stand under in a comfortable position and there should be enough ventilation. When looking at a video tour, ensure that the bedroom on your screen meets all of the minimum requirements before you move to the next stage of the home purchasing process. 

Problem 2 – The bedroom has no privacy

From the angle you are watching the bedroom, it sure looks amazing; it is light, airy, and big enough to fit all your belongings!

However, what is the outdoor view like? If there is a beautiful, large window in the room, you might be looking out into the neighbours’ yard and they are looking right into your room!

Hmmmm – not really something any of us want!

Why not ask your agent to scan out the windows so that you can know exactly what it is that you are going to look at once you have moved in?

Problem 3 – It has outdated fixtures

The first thing in a room an interested buyer is going to look at is a beautifully-made bed, the accent pillows, and the overall décor. Actually, very few buyers are concerned with the everyday fixtures that they are going to have to live with every day.

So, let your agent zoom in on the floors, walls, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents. You might perhaps want to check out how many outlets there are in any given room. Older homes often have fewer outlets and they might not be in the best condition

Problem 4 – The early morning sun will be your alarm

Everyone loves natural light in their home, but not if it is the morning sun blazing through your window in the summer.

Real estate agents often have viewings at particular times of the day, so that natural light accents the best features of the room.

In other words, during your video tour, you will very likely not see the 5am sunlight that might wake you up in the morning. The logical solution then is blinds and curtains, but if you have a large window as the centerpiece of the room, you might not want to cover it up.

Just double-check so you’re aware of all the possibilities in the room. 

Problem 5 – Your furniture might not fit

It does not matter whether it is a child’s room or the master bedroom, space is always important.

You need to ensure that the room is big enough for all your belongings. Many homes are staged which means that there is very little clutter.

This allows buyers to envision their own furniture in the room. Perhaps ask the agent to give you an overview of the room as well as its dimensions. You can then ask for the individual dimensions of, for example, the bed and dresser.

Do not let social distancing keep you from getting all the information that you need. Ask your agent all the questions you want from the start. 


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