5 Tips For Selling Your Home in a Tough Market

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  • 1 - Make the first impression count
  • 2 - Choose the right agent
  • 3 - Pay attention to the interiors
  • 4 - Focus on kitchens and bathrooms
  • 5 - It’s all about the small things

When you decide to sell your home, the goal is to sell it as soon as possible at the best price.

In a buyer’s market, homes can take a while to sell, so what exactly can you do to make your property stand out from the rest?

Some people choose to renovate to give their home that extra curb appeal but remodeling does not always return the investment upon selling. Buyers also tend to make their own changes when buying a home.

Keeping this in mind, here are other tips to consider when selling your home in a tough market:

1 – Make the first impression count

It might be a cliché but it is one that rings true:

Ensure that the buyers are captivated by the property from the moment they see it. That first impression is so important!

If you have a garden, make sure that it is kept neat and tidy. Boundary walls should be repaired before you have potential buyers over. You also need to make sure that all security systems are in working order like electric fences, security cameras, and alarm systems.

Damaged exterior features and an unkempt garden will likely be turn-offs for most buyers. 

2 – Choose the right agent

Unlike popular belief, estate agencies are not always the key to selling your home but the right real estate agent is.

Do as much research on agents as you can before you ask them to list your house. You can ask family and friends if they have any recommendations and check out their social media pages for more information.

You can also contact estate agencies to find out which agents have sold the most properties in the neighbourhood.

As soon as you have made your decision, have a list of questions ready and find out what their specific marketing strategy will be to sell your home. 

3 – Pay attention to the interiors

When homeowners have lived in a house for many years, they often get used to the interior. You know how it is – the broken lamp becomes part of daily life and that one little crack in the wall is not even noticeable anymore.

However, a potential buyer will judge the house based on its neatness and you must fix the interior up before selling it.

Give the house a good spring cleaning and repair anything that might be an eyesore to others. You will be surprised what a good coat of paint can do to a room. 

4 – Focus on kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are important selling points in the home and these rooms need to be in tip-top shape.

Replace worn and cracked tiles in the bathroom. Old fixtures like showerheads need to be removed, but the replacements need not be overly expensive. Also, be sure to re-grout the tiles in the bathroom – it’s one of your cheapest fixes and makes the bathroom look all fresh again!

When preparing the kitchen, keep in mind that countertops and cabinets are the most noticeable things in the room. Keep your budget low by simply repainting the cabinets.

Avoid marble or granite countertops because they can be very expensive and rather opt for laminate or concrete surfaces. 

5 – It’s all about the small things

Buyers often have an eye for detail and there are many small things that you can do to highlight the best features of your home.

  • Wipe or repaint any stained surfaces like light switches.
  • Fix squeaky doors by oiling them.
  • Add air fresheners to the rooms to mask the smell of cooking or pet odours.
  • Make sure that there are no distractions when the buyers come to view the house.

Remember to disclose any property defects to potential buyers. Ideally, if possible, you ought to fix them before you list your house. 


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