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Simple Home Improvement Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Instantly Jealous

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There are so many things that you’ll love about your new house once you’ve bought it.

And when the initial awe wears off, and you need changes, you need to think about how you can change the interior without creating a dent in your income.

Every small change is costly, whether it is painting, renovation, or for that matter, changing the furniture itself. Some parts of these tasks require a specialized skill set, which needs you to outsource the job no matter the size of the task.

Outsourcing means finalizing contractors, drafting agreements, setting deadlines, and follow-ups, among other tedious tasks — something that will sometimes take the fun of remodeling away.

However, there are ways in which you can alter how your house looks without outsourcing it to professionals.

One of the simplest ways to do so is to change the way your home looks upon entering it. And there’s no better way to do exactly that than to change your furniture.

Now, the natural first question most people ask will be how much new furniture costs. Indeed, furniture is not only costly, but it takes up quite a lot of space as well. Below, we have a list of simple improvements, that will not only save you money but precious space as well.

While there are other improvements one can do, let’s keep the discussion to the stairs and kitchen as changes in either will already alter the look significantly:


First of all, you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to get creative with all the things you can do with your staircase, furniture or kitchen.

Sure, the Dursleys (Harry Potter anyone?) might not have gotten a chance to explore the full use of their staircases, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying out these little hacks below:

1 – Stairs with Storage

Stairs offer an unlimited number of options when it comes to optimizing them.

Most people fill in the space between the stairs or leave it empty for aesthetic purposes.

Instead, you could install drawers that you can use for any purposes. And for the book lover in you, you can use the spaces between each step as a bookshelf. 

How about that!

2 – Stairs with closets on the side

If you think it’s not feasible to put up shelves in between the stairs for whatever reason, we have you covered. All the space on the side of the staircase is pretty much useless at this point.

So why not put it to good use? Remember Harry Potter?


1 – Multiple Sofas

All that seating arrangement eating up your space even when there is no one to use so many spots? Why not try and make a flamboyant statement?

2 – Hollow Sofas

Now you can make a bold and rustic statement while maximizing your utility.

Why waste all that space, right? Back to Harry Potter – now you don’t have to feel sad about it because it is minimal, yet extravagant.

3 – Chairs and tables in a shelf

Having a shelf saves space, makes your room more lively and colorful, and cuts back on any unnecessary expenditure.

The option to improve on this makes it an inexpensive and attractive option.

You can always buy a shelf that sits against the wall. But if you’re afraid that removing the chairs and fitting them back in is a safety hazard, you can always fit that shelf into the wall.

At least for this, a renovation agreement might be useful because you can take the help of a professional to maintain the quality of the house you have right now.

4 – One centerpiece — one group table

A lot of chairs will make the living room look rather cluttered, wouldn’t you agree?

Then again, you need chairs for when you have company, hence using this idea as the best resolution for that conflict.

5 – Modular office table

The idea of working from home is getting more appealing by the year. After all, it saves time and resources – and puts you back in control.

When you have a small house, you can’t afford to have some space dedicated to your office.

That is why creative pieces like this one helps you do what you love best without making you compromise.


Aah – the kitchen!

Nothing needs more creative ideas than a kitchen. With all the utensils, ladles, glasses and plates, and consumables, you need to be creative so that you can have access to everything you want.

And without having to work extra hard to reach it!

1 – Foldable Dish Dryer

You wash your plates and leave them to dry. And yes, dripping water makes the entire area wet and uncomfortable.

Creative ideas like a foldable dish dryer ensure that you don’t have to dedicate a separate space for drying the dishes.

2 – Foldable Bar Stools

Countertops and bar stools require so much space – there’s no doubt about it!

They also have to match the aesthetics of the area, which makes it a tougher job to match the chairs with the vibe and the decor of the place.

One option is to forget placing separate bar stools and try to integrate them into the countertops, no?

3 – Foldable Kitchen

Say what?

Well, what if you live in a studio apartment?

It is rather impractical to have designated spaces for the kitchen and living room. Folding entire areas, like a kitchen or dining table, would be a lot more efficient – just have a look at what Ikea all offers in that department!

So, why not consider using modular kitchens that can be stowed away when you don’t want them.

Bottom line: space should not be a constraint for making your house look radiant.

Do not be afraid of making a statement. Hanging a chandelier in a small living room might seem extravagant, but it speaks volumes about your aesthetics.

Play around with the background as well, and see what suits you best. There are countless options for you to have everything you want in the limited space you have.

About the author: Jessica, is a writer by calling and an academic. She has created scintillating and remarkable content for dozens of websites in the Business Sector. She possesses a fair understanding of the inner workings of several business establishments, making her the foremost expert in this field.

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