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The One Simple Home Accessory That Pulls a Room Together

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  • Garden plant stand
  • Bedside table substitute
  • Cosy up
  • Ladder in the loo
  • Holiday-themed ladder

Whenever you open Pinterest you are bound to see this accessory on almost every décor page. It’s big, it’s tall, it’s hard – of course, we’re talking about ladders.

Ladders have become almost a necessity when it comes to decorating a room or organizing a room to optimize storage space.

The ladders used for home décor aren’t the ones hiding in your garage; these are neat little things that you would use in a cherry orchard.

Whether you use it as a rack for clothes or a stand for plants, there are many ways you can use a ladder:

Garden plant stand

If you have a green thumb, you might have already purchased a ladder to complement your garden. These work great as stands for plants inside and outside.

Stepladders can easily hold several potted plants while ladders with skinny rungs can accommodate hanging baskets.

Ladders are also a great way to dry herbs and flowers by hanging them over the rungs. Many decorators use a low ladder for small succulents. Others place boards across the rungs on two sides of the ladder in order to hold more blooming plants.

Bedside table substitute

Bedside tables and shelving can become a problem if you have a small bedroom. It’s also a bit outdated compared to the layout of the modern bedroom.

A stepladder can function as shelving or bedside tables, and it brings a rustic element to the room.

Short wooden ladders are often distressed or painted to suit the theme of the room. The steps can be used for books, your alarm clock and your cell phone whilst it is charging. To round off this look, slide a small basket underneath the ladder to store extra bedding or pillows.

Cosy up

A common way to use a ladder is to create a cosy and comfy effect by draping blankets over it.

By putting them on display instead of hiding them in a cupboard, gives the room a calm and inviting atmosphere.

Not only does it recreate the look of your living room, but it also frees up some storage space. Let’s be honest: blankets do take up a lot of space.

Before you start draping the blankets, make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges; you don’t want it to snag the fabric.

Ladder in the loo

Many people often have small bathrooms which limits them in terms of space. It is difficult to decorate when you have a small bathroom.

Ladders are a great way to overcome that problem. Find a small space against the wall where it is out of everyone’s way, and use it as storage space.

It is the perfect solution to stacking towels and guests won’t have to awkwardly ask for towels after their showers. You can also add other toiletries so that they are easy to access.

A ladder in a bathroom works even better with a country cottage theme.

Holiday-themed ladder

Ladders don’t have to be permanent fixtures in your home if you don’t want it to be. They can easily be taken out during the holiday months, especially during Christmas time.

Christmas decorations can be displayed on the ladder and you can layer them by using the different rungs. Greeting cards can be pinned to the ladder, lights can be draped over it, and fresh garland can be added, too.

You don’t have to stick to Christmas; employ the ladder whenever there is a special occasion like a birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation.

Whichever way you choose to use your ladder is up to you, but with these great tips you won’t be afraid to start!

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