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6 Tips to Create a Vintage Bedroom

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  • 1 - Be inspired, but focused
  • 2 - Element of surprise
  • 3 - Be authentic
  • 4 - Mixing and matching
  • 5 - Floor
  • 6 - Floral patterns

If you’re interested in renovating or redecorating your bedroom, one option you should consider is to make it vintage.

That means you’d get a delightfully old-fashioned, extremely cosy, yet cheerfully upbeat room, featuring repurposed furnishings, imperfect patinas and architectural salvage combined in an original way.

Still, no matter how unrestrained you might feel when considering this idea, you need to know that there are certain limitations when it comes to creating a vintage bedroom.

Not every cluttered room passes as vintage. Actually, very few do.

What is important is that you create a place that oozes peace and to help you with that, we’ve prepared the following tips:

1 – Be inspired, but focused

Your bedroom should definitely have a theme, both in terms of colour and decoration.

It’s important you focus on a specific time period and include only elements and patterns typical of it. They are found on the wallpaper, quilt or artwork, for example.

What you have to be careful about, though, is that you don’t mix too many different patterns or colours, even if they date back to the same period.

Instead, use the colour of your main fabric as the starting point for choosing the paint for the walls. Find the same or complementary colour to achieve harmony. Alternatively, you can cover the walls in period-apt wallpaper or simple white-painted beaded board.

When incorporating textile, it’s good to choose those that share common colours. You could also craft a feature wall by putting together various wallpaper samples or fabric remnants to create a quilt-like pattern.

Another decorative element that works well is an oriental carpet or braided rug. Finally, make sure your furniture is appropriate to the style you’re after.

2 – Element of surprise

Ideally, you’ll be able to reuse, recycle or repurpose items from the period you’re interested in, but they really have to be skilfully combined to create the desired appeal.

They come in different forms, but you should know how to mix rusty forms, refined finishes and distressed patina, for example. If you’re not sure how it’s done, hire an interior designer to help you achieve the result you want.

Your source of ideas and elements could be any yard sale, flea market, garage or attic you have access to. Who knows, you might find a four-poster bed, which can be a great centrepiece for your vintage bedroom design.

If some items, such as dressing tables, bookcases and desks, are in poor shape and condition, try to update them by painting them or applying fabric or wallpaper details, decoupage imaged or stencilled motifs.

If you need to fix any element to a wall, make sure you use diamond core drill bits, since they will guarantee that you can drill through even the hardest material, such as concrete.

Last but not least, consider adding small elements, such as crystal knobs and decorative hinges to capture the spirit of the time long gone.

However, that brings us to the next point.

3 – Be authentic

When shopping for accessories, it’s vital you stick to your preferred palette and decorating style.

You’ll really be spoiled for choice when it comes to decorative elements, such as windup alarm clock, antique table fans, ironstone pitchers and other things that can relive the period you like.

Attractive dishes on walls, alongside mirrors and salvaged windows, are a common feature of all tastefully decorated vintage bedrooms. You can also go for old frames of different shapes and finishes, handmade dollies, vintage handkerchiefs or ancestral portraits.

Those bolder among you could opt for items that really make a statement, such as crystal-draped chandeliers or fabric-covered dressing screens.

Regardless of what you introduce to your bedroom, the aim is always to bring nostalgic notions and spark pleasant memories and delight your eye.

4 – Mixing and matching

If you visit a consignment shop, you’re bound to find a piece that will fit your vintage vibe, especially when it comes to choosing wall décor.

You can skillfully mix items that don’t belong to a matching set and make the whole room eclectic. However, all the décor pieces you select should carry a similar theme or colour scheme.

For example, wood wall accents look great over a bed topped with eclectic throw pillows.

5 – Floor

One of the items often neglected in interior design is the floor. That’s a shame, since it can actually tie an entire room together.

A vintage rug works well on both hardwood floors and carpet, softening the room and adding a dash of colour or pattern.

You can find some with faded prints and light pastel colours, which look and feel great under a wrought-iron bed, for example.

6 – Floral patterns

No vintage design is immune to floral prints and patterns. Several decades ago, there were all the craze and were used to decorate everything, from couches and curtains to bedding.

You don’t need to have floral prints and patterns everywhere, but if you include just a selection of accents to decorate the space, you’ll give your room a modernised, yet still a vintage look.

Creating a vintage bedroom can really make a big difference to the overall appeal of your home and you will know you’ve made something quite unique, which is at the same time pleasing to the eye and functional, allowing you to spend many nights in a very cosy and inviting environment.

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