The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Best Professional Real Estate Photos

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  • 1) Create an appealing online impression
  • 2) Make sure your real estate photos stand out
  • 3) Know how to use your camera when taking real estate photos
  • 4) Record virtual tours
  • 5) Make use of drone photography

Taking real estate photos is an indispensable part of the selling process.

This is the first visual introduction a potential buyer has when they see your house online for the first time.

And we all know that first impressions really do last.

Whilst we live in a time where most smartphones can take excellent photos, nothing quite beats having a professional real estate photographer do the job as best they can.

Statistics show that houses generally sell almost 70% faster when the marketing plan includes professional real estate photos.

It is true, however, that real estate photographers come at a price.

As the seller, you want to make as much money out of the sale as possible.

If you cannot hire a professional real estate photographer, you can move in behind the lens yourself.

Here are a few tips to make your photos stand out. 

1) Create an appealing online impression

Having an online presence when selling your house is a vital part of the process.

Everything is done via the internet and this is probably where potential buyers will see your home first.

The most important thing you need to do is give your house the attention it deserves.

It might not be a luxury house priced at millions but you should treat it as such.

When you post your listing, make sure that the photos are high quality and that the description of your house is appealing.

Avoid uploading blurry photos at all costs and check whether they are easily viewable on a computer and a smartphone. 

2) Make sure your real estate photos stand out

It is always a good idea to see what everyone else is doing.

Browse the web and see how luxury homes are marketed and how these photos stand out above the rest.

You will be surprised at how many tips you’ll pick up.

Buyers are looking at a lot of photos every week and if yours doesn’t stand out, they will forget it in an instant.

Make sure that the thumbnail looks great so that viewers are curious to see what else the house has to offer.

After all, you want them to eventually view the house in person and make an offer. High-quality photos might just lure them in.

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3) Know how to use your camera when taking real estate photos

You can have the best camera but if you don’t know how to use it or what features it has, you won’t get the results you want.

Take some time to get to know the ins and outs of the camera before you post the photos online.

Play around with its exposure settings and different lenses to see how to best capture every room in the house.

Capturing your home in natural light is an absolute must and using exterior angles is perfect for capturing the exterior of your home.

If reading the manual is too much of an effort, you can always watch how-to tutorial videos online.

4) Record virtual tours

The great thing about online listings is that you can use your camera to record virtual tours.

This way you reach more people across the distance.

When you record your virtual tours, ensure that the video quality is high and that you don’t move through the house at breakneck speed.

It would be a good idea to get a handheld tripod or something similar to ensure that the camera remains stable whilst recording.

Remember to choose a time of day when the features of the rooms are highlighted and when enough natural light filters in for the potential buyer to see everything they need to see. 

5) Make use of drone photography

The best way for the potential buyer to get an accurate view of your yard and the exterior of the property is to use drone photography.

By giving the potential buyer a bird’s eye view of your home in conjunction with photos and videos you take of the interior, you can really tell the story of your home.

When using a drone there are a few things to take note of. As with virtual tours, you need to ensure that you capture the home during the right time of day so that you have enough light.

You should also analyse the best features of the house and capture the house from these angles.

You can then think about the best sequence for the drone footage. Find an order that will emphasise the best qualities of your house and appeal to the viewer.

Final thoughts

Real estate photography is an essential part of selling a house – whether you are selling it yourself or making use of an agent.

It is the best way to appeal to the potential buyer and it is often the very thing that sways them to come to a viewing of your home. 

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