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6 Important Things Your Bedroom Might Be Missing

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  • #1 - Importance of soothing color schemes
  • #2 - Cozy rug
  • #3 - Comfortable mattress
  • #4 - Hidden storage
  • #5 - Great time to (self)reflect
  • #6 - Adequate lighting

The master bedroom is more than just a place you will go to when you are feeling tired. It becomes your serene space where you go to relax.

Master bedrooms have evolved to glorious cocoons over the years and there are a few items that you might want to add on to it to get the most out of your bedroom.

If you are thinking about upgrading or redecorating your bedroom, elevate it from simple to sophisticated with these 6 bedroom must-haves:

#1 – Importance of soothing color schemes

White walls are extremely boring and the reason why many master bedrooms are white is because of the neutral color. It allows you to decorate the room any way you want to against a white backdrop.

There are, however, other colors that you can consider if you want to move away from white. Consider painting the walls beige, pale blue, straw or grey, or a combination of them. These are relaxing and neutral colors that will transform your bedroom into a soothing haven.

Keep the furniture and décor in the same color family for a seamless finish to prevent anything clashing.

#2 – Cozy rug

It’s difficult to get up in the mornings as it is, but it is even worse in the winter when your bare feet hit the cold wooden floor.

The secret to enhancing your master bedroom isn’t to add the things you need, but the things you want, and on a cold winter’s morning, you want to put your feet on a warm rug.

Rugs don’t have to be overdramatic and it doesn’t have to be colorful; if you like the look of bare flooring, then invest in a modest rug with neutral colors that just cover the area next to your bed.

#3 – Comfortable mattress

You’d think that because we spent so much time asleep, we would all have the best mattresses in the world. However, most people don’t sleep well because they have uncomfortable or broken mattresses.

The truth is that we spend about 229, 961 hours sleeping throughout our lifetime and we need to make the most of it on a piece of furniture that supports us.

Let the tossing and turning during the night be a thing of the past and invest in a new mattress. Not only will you sleep better, but it can lend an aesthetic to your bed that a flat, worn out mattress can’t.

#4 – Hidden storage

Storage doesn’t always have to be visible and often we don’t always have space for another closet in our master bedroom. However, as life goes on we accumulate more and more things.

Hidden storage is a great way to keep your room tidy. Low-profile storage units can be hidden underneath your bed or in closets themselves to ensure that your clutter and chaos is organized.

If you have a small room, invest in a trunk that can double as a seat and use it for storage. You can also consider buying double-duty furniture.

#5 – Great time to (self)reflect

Many bedrooms lack the one thing that should always be in there: a mirror.

Apart from the fact that you would need a mirror to get ready in morning, it also works as a great decorative element and, if placed strategically, it can make the room seem bigger.

You don’t have to invest in a huge or even a full-length mirror; an eye-level mirror will already make a huge difference to your room. If you are running out of wall space, you can also hang the mirror inside the closet on the door.

#6 – Adequate lighting

Bedroom lighting is always a problematic area, because you want something stylish, but also something that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Invest in overhead lights and a bedside lamp so that you can control the lights from high intensity to low intensity.

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