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5 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

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  • #1 – Deep clean
  • #2 – Paint style
  • #3 – Replace the doors
  • #4 – Spruce up the bathroom
  • #5 – Pruning & potting

The number one goal when it comes to selling your home is to make sure that it is in its best shape before you list it as an open house.

Many people choose to completely redo their homes: every room gets a different color scheme, sections are added on and gardens are completely renovated.

Needless to say that all of this is going to cost a lot of money and in the economy we live in today, that is just not possible for everyone!

Without having to squeeze every last cent out of your budget, here are 5 cheap ways to boost your home’s value:

#1 – Deep clean

Let’s get something straight: there isn’t a single home that’s too clean to sell!

Buyers want to know that they are buying a house that is well taken care of and deep cleaning is a perfect way to ensure that your home is in immaculate condition.

In addition to simply sweeping floors and wiping counters, you need to tackle problem areas like gutters, vents, baseboards, cabinets, and even doorknobs. Plus, while you’re at it, it might not be a bad thing to steam the carpets, wash the walls and replace any windows that might be broken.

You can hire a company to do this for you, at a cost, or you can put some elbow grease and do it yourself.

#2 – Paint style

Your red walls might really look like a retro-style color to you, but another buyer might not be as crazy about it.

A new coat of paint is always an affordable way to give your home a fresh look. Opt for neutral colors such as white or sand. A glossy finish will make the walls seem brighter whereas an eggshell finish will hide minor imperfections like drywalls dents or small cracks.

Make sure that you choose the correct finish for the effect that you want.

#3 – Replace the doors

It’s not something that we do often because, well, people have little problems with doors unless they are damaged by bad weather.

By replacing the doors in your home, you could give a modern feel to the house and you can get rid of any doors that might be damaged. Even by just changing the front doors and screen doors, you will already be able to see a huge difference!

If your doors are fine as they are, make sure to give them a good wash to make them look brand new again.

#4 – Spruce up the bathroom

The bathroom is the lap of luxury in any home. This is where your potential buyer wants to see himself or herself relaxing.

You can spice up your bathroom by giving it a good clean and putting some air freshener or potpourri in to make it smell nice. Add a few accents like a new bath mat, toilet covers and curtains that match one another. You can also replace the shower door and the toilet seat!

A modern bathroom looks much better than a dated one, so read up on the current bathroom trends online for a few ideas.

#5 – Pruning & potting

The garden is always an eye-catcher when it comes to buying a home so you need to make sure that your home has a desirable curb appeal.

You don’t have to start trimming your hedges so that they look like Disney characters, but it would be a good idea to add a few finishing touches. Ensure that all dead plants are removed from your yard and that any overgrown shrubs are trimmed down.

Another suggestion would be to put some potted plants at the entrance to add an attractive color to your outside area. Landscapers will be able to do this at a cost, so roll up your sleeves and do it yourself!

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Cheap Ways to Boost Your Home's Value
Cheap Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value


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