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6 Fabulous Ways Concrete Strengthens Your Home

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  • No.1 - Concrete Is Rock Solid
  • No.2 - No-Chip Garage Floors
  • No.3 - Low Maintenance Stairs
  • No.4 - Safer Patio Areas
  • No.5 - Slip-Free Pool Decks
  • No.6 - Unique Driveways

When you’re getting ready to spend money on home improvements, you want to make sure you’re paying for something that will last.

After all, why make major repairs that will only have to be redone in a few years?

With that in mind, some of the best investments you can add to your home are made from concrete. Concrete can be used for more things than you’d imagine and you’ll never regret using this durable substance. 

No.1 – Concrete Is Rock Solid

Everyone is familiar with concrete, but if you’ve ever wondered why people select it over other alternatives, here are several reasons why.

Concrete is made from sand, gravel, and cement and when water is added, you get the long-lasting mixture known as concrete.

Whatever you build with this cost-effective material will last for decades and is also fire resistant. When you do the math, constructing with concrete just adds up to good sense. 

No.2 – No-Chip Garage Floors

If you’re adding on a garage, you’ll have a concrete floor poured. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or look like everyone else’s.

Once the job is complete, have an epoxy coating applied over the top. Epoxy bonds with concrete and will make it even more permanent and crack-resistant than it already is.

It’s also easy to clean by using a special concrete cleaner to keep it shiny and looking like new. Your garage will be dust-free and keep dirt and salt from getting on your car.

No.3 – Low Maintenance Stairs

When it’s time to replace your outside stairs, you may be tempted to go with wood, but the truth is, they simply won’t last. Wood rots over time and needs regular maintenance like painting or staining.

When you invest in concrete, you won’t ever have to worry about falling through a decayed step.

You also won’t slip on them when they’re wet, and they’ll survive any type of weather. Concrete steps are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight such as furniture and appliances being moved in or out.

No.4 – Safer Patio Areas

Cooking outside during the summer is one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. There’s just something magical about dining alfresco whether it’s morning, noon, or night.

Don’t let less-than-perfect weather rain down on your picnic. Instead, consider installing a concrete patio area.

Whether attached or free-standing, a covered patio with a textured concrete floor will keep your eating area safe and secure in any weather. As an added benefit, a concrete floor means no weeding between loose stones and less mowing!

No.5 – Slip-Free Pool Decks

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool to spend your summer in, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. If you never got around to building a deck for your pool, or are just installing one now, take some time to think about that area.

If you’re putting in an inground pool, most people go with a concrete surround and with good reason. Concrete can be textured, so it’s slip-free and since light colors stay cooler, your bare feet will thank you.

You can also get creative by integrating tile and stairs for a look that’s truly your own.

No.6 – Unique Driveways

Installing a driveway is an investment you’re only going to want to do once, so make sure you do it right.

When you choose to go with concrete, know that you’re selecting a material that’s much more enduring than asphalt. You can also opt for unique looks such as patterned brick and different colors.

Your concrete driveway will last years longer than standard blacktop and need fewer repairs.

Lasts Through the Years

When the time comes to decide on additions to your home, you’ll do well to choose the versatility and reliability of concrete.

When considering its strength, safety properties, and endurance, you’ll know it’s the right choice.

Years into the future, your structures will still be as strong as the day you put them in.

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