5 Major Home Features to Focus On When Selling Your House

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  • #1 – Its great location
  • #2 – Its reliable security system
  • #3 – Its unique views
  • #4 – Its impressive entertainment area
  • #5 – Its eco-friendly and tech-savvy features

Buyers are becoming savvier when it comes to buying homes and the market is already very competitive. This means that sellers need to be on their toes and focus on the type of people they want to attract to their home.

It is a daunting and often stressful process to ensure that all the best parts of the house are adequately highlighted and that proper attention is given to these special home features.
If you are unsure where to place that spotlight in your home, here are 5 major home features that should be highlighted when selling your home:

#1 – Its great location

Many buyers are searching for houses in areas where they don’t have to commute very far, so if your home is located close to shopping centres and/or public transport routes, then you are already one up on everyone else.

If your house is close to a school, then you should definitely point that out as well. Families want to know that they don’t have to drive their kids for long distances in order to get them to school.

A house with a central location is a winning card all on its own.

#2 – Its reliable security system

Security measures are extremely important to the current home buyer because they want to feel protected.

Focus on the security measures that you have in place. You might take these for granted, but to a new homeowner, they will be indispensable. These can include security gates, automated garage doors, CCTV systems, electrical fencing and motion sensor lights.

If you live in a security complex, be sure to tell the potential home buyers what added security features the complex offers. For example, is there a guard posted on the outside during the evening, do you have to type in a code to get inside, etc.

#3 – Its unique views

If you are lucky enough to have a great view, then you should definitely put it on display. It has a universal appeal to all during an open house.

  • Open the curtains wide and show it off to potential buyers.
  • You can even set up snacks outside so that buyers are drawn to have a look at the view. 
  • If you do not have the best view then you can tidy up the garden so that it becomes the view.
  • Channel your green thumb and plant a few friendly plants to welcome potential buyers.
  • Planting herbs will also give off a great smell to those stepping onto your property.

#4 – Its impressive entertainment area

Young people love entertaining so a great entertainment area is a must.

Put your entertainment area on display and consider decorating it with a few outdoor ornaments.

It will definitely appeal to those who have friends and families and who love having a braai or two during holidays. Couples especially enjoy homes with a pool, braai area and lapa.

Open-plan living rooms that connect with the kitchen also make for great socialization and is an attractive element.

Highlighting the features of your home doesn’t have to be stressful and by following these few tips, you will be able to do it in no time!

#5 – Its eco-friendly and tech-savvy features

There is a trend in the current home buyer behavior of wanting to live green and be trendy at the same time.

If your home is equipped with eco-friendly features like solar geysers, heat pumps, LED light fittings and prepaid electricity meters, point these out to the potential buyers and explain their advantages on saving energy.

Young buyers will also be attracted to a home with smart features such as smart security or high-speed fibre internet.

Point out that this is also a great feature for if they want to start a business from home.


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