10 Words That Will Help Sell Your House

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  • #1 - Luxurious
  • #2 - Captivating
  • #3 - Impeccable
  • #4 - Stainless
  • #5 - Basketball
  • #6 - Landscaping
  • #7 - Granite
  • #8 - Pergola
  • #9 - Remodel
  • #10 - Beautiful

Writing an effective description for your home when selling is often underestimated.

You have to pull out all the stops because this forms part of the first impression for many buyers.

It has been proven that certain keywords can maximize the selling price of your home and this is why some homes sell at a premium.

If you are at a loss for words, take a look at these 10 terms that you can add to your description:

After all, don’t be shy about using excessive terminology – if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

#1 – Luxurious

Bottom-tier homes that are described as ‘luxurious’ tend to beat their expected sale price by a massive 8.2%.

The word ‘luxurious’ signals that a home’s finishes and amenities are high-end and elite.

If you are selling in this price range, this word alone can be a huge selling point.

#2 – Captivating

Top-tier listings that have been described as ‘captivating’ have shown to beat their expected sale price by 6.5%.

It surpasses the word ‘nice’ because it provides a richer, more enticing description for buyers. It is also less open to interpretation and the buyer knows what to expect.

It sets a bar that ‘nice’ just doesn’t reach.

#3 – Impeccable

On average, listings in the bottom-tier that contain ‘impeccable’ in their descriptions have beat their sale price by 5.9%.

Like ‘captivating’, ‘impeccable’ is a strong and rich adjective. It implies something about the quality of the home: the features are desirable and move-in ready.

#4 – Stainless

‘Stainless’ is usually used to refer to stainless kitchen counters or other metal finishes like ‘stainless steel’. The word ‘stainless’ is especially effective in bottom-tier house descriptions.

Homes in the lower price ranges have sold for an average of 5% more than expected.

It implies that it is clean, easy to maintain and works great on a budget.

#5 – Basketball

It might seem odd to include in this list, but bottom-tier homes have sold for 4.5% more when the word ‘basketball’ is used.

A basketball court (indoor or outdoor) is a huge selling point and even though it might not stand out much in higher-priced homes, it is something worth mentioning.

#6 – Landscaping

Describing your yard so that it looks great is vital in any description. In all price tiers, this word has pushed up the selling price on homes.

The biggest premium was seen in lower-priced houses with homes selling an average of 4.2% more.

#7 – Granite

In the same sense as ‘stainless’, ‘granite’ is often used to describe countertops or other high-end home features.

Listings with the word ‘granite’ sold for an average of 1-4% more than the expected price.

It is a word that indicates strength and longevity as well as easy maintenance.

#8 – Pergola

Not only is it wise to include high-end home features, but it is also necessary to include features that are not found in other homes.

Using the word ‘pergola’ helps your home stand out. It has been shown that listings containing this word sold for 4% more than the average expected price.

#9 – Remodel

Remodeling indicates that the seller has installed new finishes that will last longer and has upgraded the home entirely.

Bottom-tier homes that were listed with the word ‘remodel’ sold for 2.9% more, middle-tier homes for 1.8% more and top-tier homes for 1.7% more than the expected price.

#10 – Beautiful

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but a beautiful feature with a view might be worth mentioning.

Lower-priced houses that were described as ‘beautiful’ sold for 2.3% more than expected.

Everyone likes something that is pleasing to the eye and this word is guaranteed to advertise your house in the best way possible.

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