5 Main Benefits of Updating Office Lighting

Story Highlights
  • 1. Reducing cost and energy wastage
  • 2. Lighting affects productivity
  • 3. Added convenience
  • 4. Good for your corporate image
  • 5. Safer workplace

We spend most of our daylight time working in the office, from Monday through Friday.

That is a lot of time to spend indoors. Instead, you can choose to spend some time outside too, you can go for a walk, or take a few days off and go places, see what vacation homes, concord events, and other hostels offer.

To have a more productive and balanced life, each of us should start by making daily plans that allow us to have a balance between work and personal life.

While at home, there are lots of things you can do to improve your life, such as creating a cozy environment to chill,  exercise, watch movies, etc.

However, while in the office, there aren’t a lot of things you can do to improve the working conditions. Most offices do not offer very favorable working conditions, which in the long term can have more serious effects.

One such thing is the low level of lighting in the office. The only solution to this obvious problem is installing adequate lighting in the office. Proper lighting boosts productivity, impacts positively on employees’ health, and creates a perfect working environment.

This post expands further on the benefits of updating office lighting both for your health and your surrounding environment:

1. Reducing cost and energy wastage

Lighting contributes to about a third of the total energy output in an office setting.

When you install smart lights that can be dimmed when not in use or that can automatically dim themselves depending on how much natural light is present, the lighting costs reduce by about half.

You can also be able to turn off smart lights from a remote location, which again contributes to huge energy savings. Lamps that are able to automatically adjust their brightness also have a 20-times longer lifespan than traditional bulbs such as incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps.

On top of getting superior energy efficiency, smart lights are also great for your office plants. LED grow lights, for example, consume fewer watts than regular HID lights, but they produce much more usable light. These lights will keep your indoor plants healthy and at the same time help you save up to 60% of your growing energy costs.

2. Lighting affects productivity

Working in a dimly-lit, grimy office impacts your mood negatively. You feel demotivated to work, your mood dips, and your enthusiasm fades. The only way of reversing this impact is to update your office lighting.

Studies show that people who work in an appropriately illuminated area have optimal productivity.

Although research is not conclusive as to how proper lighting improves productivity, there sure is an undeniable correlation between office outlook, positive office vibe, and productivity.

Perhaps one explanation to this correlation is the magnitude of fatigue a given employee suffers during business hours. Dimly-lit offices put employees in an awkward situation where they have to over-strain their eyes all the time, which leads to fatigue-related health issues such as headaches.

Workers will want to get out of that office as soon as they check-in and that attitude lowers their productivity. They will never perform to their maximum efficiency.

3. Added convenience

Smart lighting systems hands you the control of your office lighting even when you aren’t in the office.

You can, for example, create lighting schedules whereby the lights go off or turn themselves on automatically for specific situations. If someone forgets to switch off the lights when leaving for home, you can always switch them off remotely using a mobile app.

You can also dim or brighten office lights from home. What’s more, the ability to centralize your office lighting so that you can control it from one mobile app or voice recognition further improves energy efficiency.

It gives you a clear analysis of energy usage and patterns in the office so you are able to come up with an informed, clear energy plan for your office. 

4. Good for your corporate image

First, proper lighting in your office makes everything look more beautiful than it actually is. Everyone who steps into your office will fall in love with the perfectly-balanced illumination.

Secondly, LEDs are part of the green technology revolution, which is a big thing right now. People are realizing how carbon emissions harm our world and re therefore gravitating towards a carbon-free world. Converting to LED lighting is a great boost to your company image.

5. Safer workplace

Your ability to control the office lighting, even when you are away, reduces the chances of burglary and other crimes.

Besides that, proper lighting in the workplace, especially where heavy machinery is involved, greatly improves workers’ safety as well. Dim lights reduce workers’ ability to see dangerous situations, so they become innocently reckless.

Also, the fatigue that comes with inadequate lighting can also lower the employee’s awareness of his/her surroundings. If you think of the liabilities that could stem from workplace accidents, you cannot afford to keep inadequately-lit working areas.


Creating a luminous environment in the office has a positive impact on how workers feel and how they interact with one another.

Even as you update the artificial lighting, it is imperative that you optimize natural lighting in the office by maximizing the sizes of the windows and the doors.

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