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6 Quick Tricks to Declutter Kids Toys in Your Home

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  • Trick #1 -- Adhere to stricter boundaries
  • Trick #2 -- Buy your kids' toys wisely
  • Trick #3 -- Simply cut down on the clutter
  • Trick #4 -- Separate some toys from the pack
  • Trick #5 -- Assign each toy a home
  • Trick #6 -- Introduce rules of ownership

Parenthood is a joy for all…until you step on a Lego block.

Then it becomes painful. Extremely painful!

You might perhaps long for the days where you could read a decorating magazine and plan what you are going to do with the house next, but having kids in the house might make this somewhat difficult to do.

Kids make messes (surprise surprise!) and they often leave half their rooms strewn throughout the house!

And who will be the one cleaning up that mess?

If your kids’ toys are making your life a cluttered misery, then follow these simple tips to declutter kids toys:

Trick #1 — Adhere to stricter boundaries

If the toys are already covering every available space in your house, don’t worry, not all is lost.

You can quickly reclaim your space by setting boundaries and ground rules:

Make the kitchen a no-toy zone or set a limit as to how many toys can come out of the room overnight!

We know that it might sound a bit mean, especially if cute little Emma wants to have the entire My Little Pony Collection with her when she watches Barney, but kids are generally happier when they are given clear expectations.

Follow through and pick up at night, even if you are exhausted (which will more than likely be the case).

Trick #2 — Buy your kids’ toys wisely

You are going to be stuck with your child’s toys for a while so you are allowed to be picky when you buy them:

  • To make toys more meaningful, only buy them on special occasions or as rewards and ask relatives to do the same.
  • Avoid toys that are poorly-made and that are not age-appropriate.
  • Large and pointless toys are also unnecessary.
  • The best toys are versatile, encourages creativity and can be expanded upon by buying extra parts, like Lego, train track sets and dollhouses.

Trick #3 — Simply cut down on the clutter

No matter how organized you are, toys are going to clutter your house at some point.

The best way to get rid of this is to get rid of the surplus toys!

However, this is easier said than done as your child might not be as receptive to the suggestion:

  • The key is to help kids identify and define themselves.
  • Encourage them to separate toys that no longer interest them and that they no longer play with. This will help them to realize that there are toys that they favor and appreciate more than others.
  • Take the discarded pile and donate them to children in need.

Trick #4 — Separate some toys from the pack

If you are constantly finding play dough in between the couches or stepping on puzzle pieces, it’s time to put it on a shelf where those tiny hands can’t reach.

Label them as ‘family toys’ that can only come out when everyone plays together.

This will give you more quality time with your kids and keep the house cleaner.  

Trick #5 — Assign each toy a home

Avoid the toy box: each toy should have its own ‘home’, so invest in organizational boxes or bins and line them up so that each type of toy fits in its own space.

Perhaps use stacking boxes for smaller toys and use Ziploc bags for the tiniest toy parts.

Another example might be the stack of books next to the couch which is growing taller by the day and that won’t stop until it turns into a beanstalk. Rather keep the books in your child’s room or keep a small selection in every room for easy retrieval.

Trick #6 — Introduce rules of ownership

How about forgetting about counting to 3 ever again?!

Teach your child the rules of ownership from a young age and make it fun for them to clean up!

Scoop the toys up with a blanket or pretend the tricycle is a delivery van, delivering all the toys to their little houses.  Soon they will clean up without even being asked.

Parenthood is fun, but nobody said it was going to be easy!

So, when it’s time to declutter kids toys in your home, perhaps the easy-to-follow tips mentioned above will be of help in getting your home organized again!


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