How to Properly Clean Your Home

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  • Have a System That Works
  • Clean Top to Bottom, Left to Right
  • Being Proactive Helps With Cleaning, Too
  • Get Professional Help

Everyone knows how to clean up a house, right?

A little bit of dusting there, some vacuuming here, doing the dishes, mopping the floors… It doesn’t get much easier.

But if it’s actually that easy of a job, how come people still struggle to regularly maintain their apartment in good condition?

We’ll give you a little heads up: it’s not (entirely) because it’s so irksome and annoying to do the chores. It’s mainly because chances are that you’re not doing them the right way.

We just can’t stress out enough the importance of cleaning your home properly. Not only will it take less time for you to clean the entire place once you get to know all the tricks in the book, but the task itself actually won’t be so obnoxious and tiresome.

Have a System That Works (As Well as Proper Mindset)

Having a system that works is crucial. Cleaning isn’t that much different than pretty much any other activity out there – the more you do it, the more you get better.

It’s also important to develop some kind of method that you feel like it works out the best for you. People tend to struggle with doing chores regularly because they take them for granted.

A good approach would be not to think about cleaning like it’s a boring job that you need to do. Instead, try to think of it as a thing that you just automatically do along the way.

You put on your favorite music and do the dishes or declutter a little bit. And you do everything rather casually.

Soon you’ll realize that you’re not even thinking about chores, you’re just doing them. Try to develop that kind of mindset and suddenly everything gets so much easier.

Clean Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Speaking of system, or a method, we do have one suggestion, even though we already told you that it’s perfectly fine if you develop your own style. But you’ll probably soon realize anyway that cleaning top to bottom and left to right saves you time.

It means that you should start cleaning the top shelves (or floors) first and then gradually get to the bottom. That way you’ll spare yourself the extra time needed to clean the lower surfaces again since chances are that some of the dust or rubbish will end up on the lower parts which you’ve already cleaned previously.

On top of this, cleaning left to right will also help you not to go around in circles, doing the same area over and over again. Once you get a hold of things a little bit, you’ll definitely see and feel the difference: you’ll be more efficient and you’ll also be more content with the results.

Being Proactive Helps With Cleaning, Too

You know how they say that you can prevent bad things from happening if you just focus more on the current situation?

This applies both to your personal life and work, as well as to cleaning your house. Simply put, you should take care of things before they get out of hand.

For instance, you can prevent having grime and scum buildup in your shower by regularly spraying a shower cleaner right after you’ve finished showering. Try washing the dishes right after your meal. Or, you can put all your clothes in the wardrobe as soon as you take them off.

That way you’ll avoid clutter and you’ll also be one step further to having a clean apartment all the time.

Get Professional Help

In case you get too overwhelmed by the level of work you need to put in, calling for the professional help is also a good option to consider.

It’s nice to do things on your own, to have the right mindset and a system, but sometimes you just feel like you simply can’t do things properly, or you don’t have any time whatsoever.

We totally get this – the average professional person today is super busy, some of us are too stressed out, or have a ton of things to do and just can’t worry about chores. These are all perfectly valid reasons to call professional cleaners.

In Summary

We gave you some out-of-the-ordinary tips on how to properly maintain and clean your home. We tried to focus more on things like having a good system, proper mindset, being proactive and getting professional help in those bad situations rather than talking about the things everyone knows (like how to use the vacuum cleaner or a duster).

We strongly feel that having the right approach in every situation is crucial to getting the job done properly.

And cleaning your home is no different!

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