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12 Kitchen Design Trends To Watch in 2020

Story Highlights
  • 1. Defined Spaces
  • 2. Glass Doors
  • 3. Custom Storage Cabinets
  • 4. Bright Appliances
  • 5. Integrated Appliances
  • 6. Creative Backsplashes
  • 7. Natural Materials
  • 8. Greenery
  • 9. Patterned Floors
  • 10. Quartz Countertops
  • 11. Mixed Metals
  • 12. Ceiling Decoration

When you’re out and about shopping for a new home, one of the major features homebuyers pay attention to is the kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is where you hone your cooking chops or gather with family and friends, consider incorporating these design trends that started earlier in 2020.

1. Defined Spaces

Say good-bye to the open plan kitchen that exposes your culinary secrets to your guests.

2020’s favorite designs feature four walls and a door or dividers that cleverly separate eating and prep areas.

Anyone who wants to speak to the chef can still do so from a designated kitchen seating area.

2. Glass Doors

Pantries are no longer just utilitarian storage space in 2020. They play a prominent role in a kitchen’s aesthetic.

Embellished, glass pantry doors are elegant options to keep cooking staples from collecting dust on open shelves while offering a quick peek at your inventory.

Clear and frosted glass on entry or cabinet doors reflects light and adds depth.

3. Custom Storage Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are no longer strictly utilitarian.

Embellishing cabinets with color-blocked pastel and bright hues, decorative veneers, and mixed metal hardware creates bespoke storage solutions that can reflect your personality.

4. Bright Appliances

Stainless steel is no longer the only option for kitchen appliances in 2020.

Manufacturers are increasingly turning out large and small appliances in bright and pastel colors that create warmth or unexpected whimsy, especially against neutral walls.

5. Integrated Appliances

If you prefer your large appliances to fade into the background, consider covering them with panels or veneers that match your cabinets to achieve a trending, uniform look.

6. Creative Backsplashes

2020 is seeing backsplashes composed of unusually textured materials that reach the ceiling.

Metal, wood, or marble are alternatives to traditional porcelain tiles.

Still, for those who prefer the familiar option, tiles in updated shapes, sizes, and colors create a fresh look. 

7. Natural Materials 

Kitchen furnishings made from natural materials, like rattan, perfectly complement walls and cabinets featuring light-colored, unfinished woods like pine and oak.

These eco-friendly choices create a light, airy atmosphere.

8. Greenery

Plants appear throughout 2020’s eco-friendly kitchens.

Besides providing decoration, edible plants like herbs can be grown in the kitchen and are a practical and environmentally-friendly way to maintain supplies of some of your favorite cooking ingredients.

9. Patterned Floors

Rugs, previously relegated to the floor in front of the sink or occasionally beneath a dining table, now start to take center stage in the kitchen.

Anyone who wants a pattern under their feet but is disinclined to maintain a rug can choose from an array of colored ceramic tiles to achieve a visually exciting kitchen floor.

10. Quartz Countertops

Practicality is a desirable feature of today’s kitchens, and it will likely remain so.

Quartz is a more maintenance-friendly alternative to once-ubiquitous granite countertops.

Its lack of porosity eliminates the need for a special sealing. Quartz’s subtle grain also provides greater freedom to explore other design elements in your kitchen.

11. Mixed Metals

If you love the look of various metals but can’t decide which to use for your fixtures, don’t stress.

2020 kitchens incorporate multiple metals seamlessly, from faucets to cabinet pulls.

Try adding a bit of copper to the mix. The pinkish undertones of this metal create a particularly fresh look when combined with brass, steel, or nickel.

12. Ceiling Decoration

In 2020, splashes of color make their way up to the ceiling in unexpected ways.

Bright or muted ceiling colors meet neutral wall shades, to create a surprising yet subtle contrast.

If you prefer to focus on texture, vaulted ceilings featuring natural wood, promote the popular nature-inspired aesthetic. Alternatively, you can enjoy some trending whimsy by covering your ceiling with the same tiles found on your floor. To create a strong impact with minimal effort, hang a statement light fixture forged from your favorite metal.

2020 kitchens feature multiple trends that incorporate minimalist and maximalist design elements in visually appealing yet practical ways.

Try experimenting with these trends by adapting them to your style and needs. You may find that they define your kitchen for years to come.

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