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5 Quick and Easy Kitchen Projects You Can Do Yourself

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  • #1 - Faucets
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  • #3 - Shelving
  • #4 - Kitchen Blinds
  • #5 - Wall Décor

A kitchen is a busy place. It’s where you cook and eat together with friends and family. It’s also the perfect place for chatter and hanging out.

Every kitchen always needs a bit of a lift and giving your kitchen a makeover can be easy and fun!

It’s time to get hands-on and transform your kitchen.

Here are five quick and easy kitchen projects you can do yourself:

#1 – Faucets

Does your sink need a bit of rejuvenating?

Swapping out your old faucet for a new one will add that sparkle to your kitchen. It’s easy for you to do yourself too, so there’s no need to pick up the phone and call a plumber.

When choosing a kitchen tap, there are a few things to consider: where the tap is positioned should determine the size of your faucet. Do you want a one that can change up the water pressure? Make sure your faucet fits in with the rest of your kitchen theme.

Whatever you decide, just remember to shut off all the water valves under your sink before you start your project

#2 – Pantry

If all the shelves in your pantry are the same height, change it up! This makes it more versatile and allows you to maximise the space without looking too cluttered.

Spend some time organising your pantry and clearing things out.

Nothing makes a kitchen more unappetising than a dirty pantry. Throw out all the expired food and make sure everything is labelled. 

#3 – Shelving

There are countless ways to instantly brighten up your kitchen just by changing up the shelving.

Try adding open storage in your kitchen by removing cabinet doors or hanging floating shelves. These create a nice display for cookbooks and kitchen ornaments. They also make it easier for you to put away your tableware after you’ve done the dishes.

If you already have cabinets in your kitchen, it costs next to nothing to change it up to open shelving.

Just remove the doors and fill any holes with wood filler. All there’s left is to paint it the colour you want.

#4 – Kitchen Blinds

Whether you’re cooking, baking or using your kitchen as a social space, it’s always buzzing.

Choose blinds that are not just for its aesthetics but also for functionality. Waterproof material is ideal, so it doesn’t absorb all of the splatter and odours. Something that can be cleaned with some spray and wipe works best. 

Adjustable blinds are perfect when you want some sunlight during the day and privacy at night. It can also allow ventilation when you’re cooking up something hearty and smoky. There are also automatic options out there if you want to be able to roll your blinds up and down by the push of a button. Perfect for when your hands are full. 

#5 – Wall Décor

When it comes to wall décor, living rooms tend to get all the attention.

With so many cabinets and important appliances, it’s easy to forget to give your kitchen walls a little love.

Bright and colourful backsplashes are sure to give it some personality. Find wall art that speaks to you – a personal statement or a picture of your dog works. A chalkboard gives you flexibility, so you can change up your motivational quote of the day and even doubles up as a place to write your to-do list. Go online and get inspired by hundreds of inexpensive kitchen wall decorating ideas.

There are plenty of quick and easy kitchen projects you can do yourself to spruce up your kitchen. Give yourself some time to focus on one of the kitchen projects above can help bring out your creative streak and can actually be a fun task. It’s not too difficult and can even save you a lot of money in the end!

About the author: Freelance writer Cloe Matheson is fond of anything related to DIY projects and interior design. She binge-watches home improvement shows in her free time. Want to know her more? Follow her on Tumblr

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