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Preparing Your Floor with Concrete Floor Grinding

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  • Why opt for Concrete Floor Grinding?
  • Significance of a Floor Grinder
  • Choosing the Right Floor Grinder

Concrete floor grinding is one of the most impressive ways to get a beautifully polished floor surface. The process gives quality sheen to the floor, and keeps it protected from contaminants and water.

If you are considering polishing your concrete floor, then you will need to grind it first. Epoxy paint adds durability to your floor, but you need to grind your floor first so that the paint sticks to it well. Even if you want to install some stones on your floor then also you need to do the concrete grinding first.

Without preparing your concrete ground, you cannot install any decorative materials, and in this regard, you must hire expert professionals who have enough experience in this field.

Why opt for Concrete Floor Grinding?

As compared to other methods of removing coatings from existing floor, such as chemical stripping and shot blasting, grinding proves to be a more effective and safer option.

With grinding, you open up the pores in the floor, which allows the epoxy to have a better grip and adhere to it properly.

Shot blasting is also effective in doing this, but it can create significant number of pits and unevenness in the surface. With grinding, you can achieve a more uniform and even floor, and smoothen out any imperfect points in the concrete.

Concrete Floor Grinding
Concrete Floor Grinding

Significance of a Floor Grinder

Floor grinder is a machine that can make your project of concrete floor grinding much easier and faster. An automated disk rotates beneath the grinder which can remove around 3mm of floor surface at a time.

Some grinders have disks made of tungsten carbide or silicon carbide, while some have diamond bits too. A grinder may run on electricity, and it may be dry or wet.

A wet grinder has a water tank attached to it and it creates less dust, but you will have to remove the water and dust yourself after completing the project.

A dry grinder has a device that can contain the dust within itself, thus it is less messy.  But such grinders are so heavy, and you cannot operate these machines by yourselves. So it is suggested to hire experts to do this project, and they will grind your concrete floor and install the decorative materials, such as epoxy or stones on your floor within stipulated timeframe.

Choosing the Right Floor Grinder

Your concrete floor grinding process depends on several factors. Here are a few tips that you need to follow:

  • Your choice largely depends on the size of your project and time frame within which you need to complete it. While a small grinder would be enough to grind floor of a residential garage or patio, and a bigger one will be needed for commercial projects
  • The age of your concrete will also determine your choice. A freshly made concrete floor will need at least a month of curing. But if you want to grind your old concrete floor then you will need to inspect it for cracks and pits first, and then mend them before grinding
  • It also depends on how much shine you want to give to your floor. If you want less shine, then stop grinding after grit 400, but if you want a mirror-like finish, then you can grind to as much as 3500 grit
  • The choice between wet and dry concrete floor grinding depends on the project and the site. Dry grinding needs less cleaning, but wet grinding is preferable in certain cases

After concrete floor grinding your floor gets ready to accept polish or epoxy that you want to apply to it.

Make sure that you choose the right grinder, you grind the right way, and you choose the right polishing materials to get a new look for your flooring.


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