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Save Money with Regular Exterior Maintenance of Your New Home

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  • #1 - Roofs and Gutters
  • #2 - A Fresh Facade
  • #3 - Window Dressing

The South African government has recently increased first-time home buyers’ subsidies, making it a great time to get a foot on the property ladder.

After the initial excitement of moving into your first home, it’s important to keep up to date with essential maintenance, especially if money is tight. Regular upkeep not only keeps your home running smoothly but it can also avoid the need for costly repairs if minor problems are neglected.

Whenever you are outside making the most of your backyard, take the time to look all around the exterior of your home to check everything is working smoothly:

#1 – Roofs and Gutters

Dead leaves and other garden debris around the outside of your house are easy to spot and removing them can instantly improve the look of your home.

Less visible are the leaves that may be blocking gutters and downpipes but it’s important that they are cleaned out regularly, especially during the summer rainy season.

Although they are out of sight, blockages in gutters can cause water to run down the outside your home damaging external masonry and causing damp and mould. Clearing out gutters also offers the opportunity to detect other potential problems with the roof, that, if left untreated, could cause problems inside your home too.

#2 – A Fresh Facade

Once you are satisfied that your home is watertight, you can make any repairs to your home’s exterior masonry.

Fill any cracks with exterior filler, clean mould with a bleach mixture and, if necessary, give your home a fresh coat of paint.

Good quality paint will give better coverage, protect the outside of your home and last longer without blemishes.

Spring is a good time for external painting as the moderate temperatures will stop the paint from drying too quickly and blistering. 

#3 – Window Dressing

If you have UPVC windows and doors, the inner chambers will need cleaning occasionally to prevent a build-up of residue that may affect their smooth opening and closing.

Timber frames will need more particular attention as they are vulnerable to weather damage and can be subject to insect infestation. Finding problems early will allow you to remove small areas of rotten wood and replace them with filler, before sanding, priming and sealing the whole frame.

Regularly inspecting the outside of your home will identify any potential problems early on when they can be easily fixed before causing more extensive damage.

This will not only save you money in the long run but also enable you to relax and enjoy your home without worry.


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