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5 Simple Renovations to Protect Your Home Against COVID-19

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  • #1 - Install touchless faucets
  • #2 - Install automatic soap dispensers
  • #3 - Upgrade to a bidet or a touchless toilet
  • #4 - Use smart lighting or touchless illumination
  • #5 - Install smart door locks

As much as we want to go back to life pre-COVID-19, that is not going to happen any time soon. We need to try and get used to the new normal.

Good hygiene is the cornerstone to protecting yourself against the virus as we have seen with constant handwashing and mask-wearing.

We need to combat the virus in our homes as well. There are many renovations that you can do in your house that will limit contact and increase your defense against the virus. And the best part is that these won’t break the bank:

#1 – Install touchless faucets

Touchless faucets are no longer a feature exclusive to public restrooms. They are present in many homes and it is quick and easy to install in your bathroom.

A touchless faucet eliminates any contact you have with the taps which means that there is less surface contact in your home.

It prevents the disease from spreading if someone in the house is a carrier. This is especially useful if you have frequent guests in your house. You can also install touchless faucets in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination when you are preparing food. 

#2 – Install automatic soap dispensers

As soon as you have upgraded to touchless faucets, why not upgrade to automatic soap dispensers?

The best way to fight the virus is to wash your hands regularly and automatic soap dispensers will also eliminate any surface contact in the bathroom.

There are a wide variety of automatic soap dispensers available. Some dispensers are commercial-grade and might require professional installation. Others are battery-operated and easy to install on your own if you are on a budget. The dispensers are easy to clean and the soap is easy to replace once it is finished. 

#3 – Upgrade to a bidet or a touchless toilet

This is a bit of a bigger upgrade than the previous two renovations but it has its own advantages.

A bidet or a touchless toilet eliminates surface contact and eliminates the need for toilet paper.

During the pandemic, the popularity of bidets increased dramatically and they are more hygienic than normal toilets. You can either choose to install a brand-new bidet or buy a bidet attachment that you can add to your toilet. You can also choose to purchase a smart toilet that comes with an integrated set of digital controls including Bluetooth! Go figure!

#4 – Use smart lighting or touchless illumination

How many times do you touch the light switches in your house? You probably do it without even thinking.

One of the dirtiest surfaces in the house is the light switch because it is constantly being touched by homeowners or guests.

You can just imagine what could all be living under that switch. A smart lighting system eliminates the spread of germs, more specifically COVID-19.

The lights are controlled from your smartphone and you can even control the lighting when you are away. This is an added security feature to create the illusion that you are at home. 

#5 – Install smart door locks

Door locks can also be a breeding ground for germs because, like light switches, so many people touch them.

Smart door locks eliminate touching completely because it is dependent on a digital keypad.

Smart door locks also have a voice-command feature that allows doors to be unlocked using only the homeowner’s voice. This, too, can be a security feature because you can set it so that only members of your home can open the door. 

COVID-19 is going to be around for a while so we might as well take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves against it. 



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