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6 Smart and Simple Roof Maintenance Tips

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  • 1. Inspect your shingles
  • 2. Check for leaks in the ceiling or the attic
  • 3. Wash the roof
  • 4. Clean the gutters
  • 5. Trim branches
  • 6. Fix your chimney

We fear to have to redo our roof. It is a massive part of the house and having to replace it would mean a costly affair, not to mention time-consuming.

In order to keep our roof in perfect working condition, proper regular maintenance is crucial.

Here are a few smart and simple tips on maintaining your roof:

1. Inspect your shingles

The first step in maintaining your roof is to make sure that the shingles are intact, free from damage, and tightly attached.

Shingles are the first line of defense against extreme weather and climate for any roof. After a heavy storm or during strong winds, they are susceptible to damage.

The good news is shingles don’t cost a lot of money. You can easily purchase a few to replace missing or damaged ones, just make sure you do so immediately and not wait for more damage to happen.

Assessing shingles can be done from the ground using a pair of binoculars. Check for signs of buckling, curling, or missing granules in shingles.

Also, check for peeling flashings. These can be found around chimneys or around piping.

2. Check for leaks in the ceiling or the attic

One sign that your roof might need repair is seeing signs of water damage on your ceiling or in your attic. This means the roof is not as waterproof as it once were.

It could be due to missing shingles or shingles that are out of place.

Common signs of leaks are musty smell inside some rooms, water stains on the ceiling, dark spots on the exterior wall, and bulging paint patches on the interior walls.

3. Wash the roof

Some people might find this odd, but washing the roof is actually a great way to keep it in tiptop shape.

Washing removes debris like branches and leaves. You can wash these away and scoop them up in the gutter before they can clog your downspout.

Moss and algae can also grow on the shingles of many roofs. In small amounts, they are harmless, but if left unattended, they can eat away at the material, weakening it.

To remove moss and algae, a mixture of one part water and one part bleach is enough to kill them.

Installing copper strips beneath the roof’s peak can also discourage future growth.

4. Clean the gutters

After the shingles, it is the gutter that takes a heavy beating in the roof structure.

It is where most debris get collected, making them more prone to damage than shingles.

Leaves and branches that are left to rot in the gutter clog them and hold moisture which can damage the material, causing it to weaken and develop holes.

It is also in gutters that many birds nest accumulate, causing further damage and clogging, making rainwater spill over unto the exterior wall leaving watermarks and damaging the paint.

5. Trim branches

Overhanging branches that reach out towards the roof can cause deep scratches and gouges unto the roof, damaging the shingles and the gutter.

During strong winds and storms, they have the tendency to break off and fall unto the roof.

It is important that they are trimmed back about one meter away, to make sure they are far enough away not to do damage to the roof.

6. Fix your chimney

It is around chimneys that water may seep through because of its irregular shape.

Roofing contractors are aware of this and use flashing to marry the shingle and the chimney together and prevent water from getting in between.

Make sure these are intact or replace when they begin to wear out.

About the author: Evelyn Paulson is an ardent blogger who loves to write about home improvement, remodeling, restoration, and repair. She is currently working with SRQ Building Services Inc., one of the best Sarasota roofing companies, which offers exceptional roofing services for both residential and commercial properties.


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