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5 Easy Tips To Help Your Roof Last

The roof is a part of the house that many people neglect and forget about. A lack of maintenance can really damage your roof and before you know it, well, you won’t have a roof over your head – literally!

Looking after and caring for your roof is an inexpensive process and it is something that you can even hire other people to do for you. Or you can jump in with the whole family and spend the day outside in the warm sun!

Here are 5 important tips to help your roof last:

1. Get your head in the gutter

The very first thing that you should pay attention to is the gutters surrounding your roof. Its sole purpose is to capture rainwater and other debris in order to prevent it from getting inside your home.

This means that it can get clogged very easily and not fulfill its role properly. The drainage from the roof is that keeps it in good condition and prevents you from spending ridiculous (and unnecessary) amounts of money trying to replace it.

You have to make sure the gutters have been properly installed and it’s very important that you clean them regularly!

2. Check your ventilation

The roof and the attic are two components that must have ventilation at all times.

If this is not ventilated properly, it can cause water vapor to pool up on the bottom of your roof and eventually leak through your ceiling, causing damage. Furthermore, your roof could suffer horrible spells of rot and decay, again costing you money and even causing you a few health risks.

This problem is easy to solve by buying and installing ridge vents, attic vents, and attic fans to make sure that these parts of your roof remain dry.

3. Become a roof inspector

That’s right, ladies and gents, you are going to earn your badge in roof detective work: inspecting your roof on a regular basis is important if you want to keep on maintaining it.

The earlier you detect any problems, the faster you can think of a solution!

Simple things can make all the difference like making sure branches are trimmed away from the roof or replacing missing shingles.

So, get your hands and feet dirty once a month and prevent serious situations before they occur.

4. Get rid of frost in a n-ice way

Fortunately, we live in a country where our winters are not as tremendously cold as in Europe or USA, but we do have a few areas that experience quite a bit of snow.

After a snowstorm it is important that you get rid of the frost and the snow on your roof. This can help prevent ice dams that have the ability to damage both your roof and your ceiling.

5. Down the chimney we go!

The chimney is usually the part of the roof that is often overlooked because it consists of natural ventilation and we think it should always be fine.

It is important that you give attention to the chimney when you are maintaining your roof. Experts have noted that water causes more damage to chimneys than fire.

Give it a good clean and make sure the sealing between the chimney and the roof is still intact.

Bottom line: cleaning your roof can be quite a lengthy process, but would you rather spend your time on fixing the roof or spend your money on replacing it?

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Easy Tips To Help Your Roof Last
Easy Tips To Help Your Roof Last


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