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7 Timeless Bathroom Updates for Increasing Your Home’s Value

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  • #1 - Make space
  • #2 - Stick to neutral shades
  • #3 - Add storage
  • #4 - Invest in fixtures
  • #5 - Lighten up
  • #6 - Think long-term
  • #7 - Lose the lines

When you’re trying to boost the value of your home, the bathroom is a great place to start – not only because it’s one of the most frequently-used rooms in any home, but also because the scope of design options is huge.

In fact, reining in your more creative design ideas might be one of the most challenging things about long-term bathroom renovations, but with these timeless trends, you’ll be off to a great start. 

Let’s get cracking with these helpful bathroom updates:

#1 – Make space

Nothing adds value like a carefully-considered floor plan, and if your bathroom feels less-than-luxurious, more space will make all the difference.

Even if you don’t have the funding or patience for a full remodel, consider taking on a smaller-scale project, like replacing some of your current furniture with smaller pieces, or adding extra storage space.

You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you can create with a new, compact toilet or cabinet. 

#2 – Stick to neutral shades

When faced with a blank canvas, you might feel tempted to fill it with bright colors and eye-catching patterns – the trouble is that bold design choices tend to have a limited shelf life.

This rule is especially important in the realm of more permanent renovation choices, like tiling.

Although statement tiles may seem like they would make an eye-catching addition to your bathroom,  they’re likely to go out of fashion just like any other trendy feature, so it’s best to consider the design ideas that will outlast the trends.

If you really can’t resist the urge to add a few pops of color, buy a tin of paint and save it for the walls. This way, you can easily change it up whenever you like. 

#3 – Add storage 

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, your bathroom houses plenty of products and devices perfect for creating clutter, but house guests and potential buyers don’t need to know that.

When you feel your belongings encroaching on your personal space, it’s time to invest in some space-saving storage solutions.

The good news is there’s no need to go DIY – all you need to do is scope out a larger vanity cabinet, or purchase an extra chest of drawers for the overflow. Even relatively small storage updates like hooks or baskets can make a huge difference to the sense of organization harmony and overall comfort in the room.

#4 – Invest in fixtures

Taps and showerheads may not seem like big-ticket items, but they can be costly to replace if they wear out early or go out of style.

Just like in the selection process for the perfect bathroom tile, timelessness should be among your top criteria for the ideal set of bathroom fixtures.

Opt for a basic finish with the neutrality to fit in amongst a range of color schemes, and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that you’re making a design investment with longevity

#5 – Lighten up

The right lighting is never quite as important as in the bathroom, where most of the daily preening and primping goes on, and there are endless options available to help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Whether you love the idea of a bold statement light in the center of the room, or prefer something more simple and streamlined, the lighting you choose will have a huge impact on the feel of the room.

Aim to stick with similar finishes to create a flow-through design, but don’t be afraid to invest in a statement piece, especially if you’re working with a neutral color scheme.

#6 – Think long-term

During the shopping process, you’ll find plenty of variations on the basic fixtures every bathroom needs, and it’s easy to be tempted by fashionable colors and patterns.

The trouble is you probably won’t love them as much in the years to come as you do right now, and you’ll end up redesigning the bathroom more often than you might like.

For elegance that won’t go out of style, nothing compares to simple white features, which can last years without needing a replacement. Simplicity will save you, and any future buyers, some serious money over time. 

#7 – Lose the lines

Like a great tub, the shower is one of the key features in any bathroom, and the right design will give any space a lift. Frameless glass shower doors are amongst the most popular choices for modern bathrooms, and not only for their stylish appearance.

The practical benefits of the design include reduced mold, better light flow, easier cleaning, and adaptability to the size and shape of your space, and you can bet they’ll be enjoyed for years to come. 

Whether you’re preparing to sell or merely searching for the ultimate bathroom bliss, there are plenty of ways to boost the value of this key area in your home.

Just make sure to measure the expected cost of your renovations against the anticipated value-added for it – and keep in mind, a well-considered renovation is one that will ultimately benefit all those involved. 



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