6 Easy Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui in Your Home

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  • TIP 1 - The point of entrance
  • TIP 2 - The area right after the entrance
  • TIP 3 - The everyday living area
  • TIP 4 - Let the sunlight in
  • TIP 5 - Your bed represents you
  • TIP 6 - Remove anything dated out of the kitchen

When you decorate your home according to the rules of Feng Shui, you wish to bring harmony to your home.

A healthy and harmonious life starts with your home.

The end of the year is an ideal time to bring fresh energy into your home to start the new year right.

Positive energy starts with these points in your home:

TIP 1 – The point of entrance

If you want to invite good chi into your living area, the point of the entrance has to be free of clutter.

  • Pay close attention to your front door.
  • It has to open to the inside of the house to invite the positive energy in.
  • Put away anything that might be blocking the door from opening easily.
  • Wipe away any dust from the exterior and clean the inner part of the door.
  • Add a few luscious green plants on both sides of the door because plants bring life and positive energy.

TIP 2 – The area right after the entrance

We’ve already mentioned that energy has to enter your home through the door. It shouldn’t be blocked in any way. Instead of blocking it, direct it to other areas of your home.

Shoes, coats should be stored appropriately. Put up a mirror but don’t hang it right across the door. It will expand the place and light it up as well. Hang up attractive pieces of art that will attract the attention of anyone who enters.

You want the positive energy to stay in, not wander away. Try to mix all five elements of feng shui – earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. 

TIP 3 – The everyday living area

This is the most common area of your home, so you should give it your full attention. You want to make it open to positive energy by removing any obstacles.

If you tend to trip over it or bump into this piece of furniture every time you enter, you should move it to create more space. To direct energy flow to the kitchen or dining room area, put a mirror across from the living room entry point. Furniture shouldn’t block the energy flow, so put the sofa, armchairs against the walls to give them support.

Invite nature by placing indoor plants around the living area to enhance the quality of air and energy. Combine all five elements by having one of each in your living area.

For example, an armchair can be in one of the fairy red shades. The sofa can be a shade of brown which represents the earth. Plants can represent wood and you can have a metallic mirror frame. A painting in blue shades can easily represent the water element and further beautify the space.

TIP 4 – Let the sunlight in

Windows, just like the front entrance, are a focal point in feng shui design. They should be clean and maintained regularly. You should be able to open them freely to air out the rooms and let the fresh air in. 

Let the sunlight in whenever you can so make sure you use proper window treatment. Sunlight represents the healing energy, so easy-to-use motorized blinds can be automatically opened to let it in. To be able to keep your privacy while cultivating the Feng Shui within your home, you can pre-program opening and closing times. You’ll let the sunlight in while still not forgetting to close them after sundown. 

Additional lighting can replace the natural light when the sun goes down and the blinds are closed. You can place standing lamps in the dark corners and banish the negative energy away.

TIP 5 – Your bed represents you

The most important thing about your bedroom is the position of your bed. This is where you rest and it portrays you.

Your bed position must face the door so you can see the energy entrance while you lay in it. This is a so-called commanding position, and it is important because it portrays the control you have over your life, prosperity, and energy you bring in your life.

Remove any clutter and allow the energy to flow freely around the room. 

TIP 6 – Remove anything dated out of the kitchen

The energy in your kitchen is connected to wellness and the ability to make money. Anything that is out of order, should be replaced or repaired.

Make sure every part of the kitchen is clean, starting from the stove to countertops. To keep the energy flow active, use the stove at least once a day. To avoid conflict in energy of two elements, stove and the sink should be next to each other and not on opposite sides. 

The most important thing here is to create a space that is welcoming, clutter-free, spacious to create room for energy flow.

Go into each room and remove any object that sparks negativity within you. Then, remove the clutter and apply these tips. It is all about the better flow and positive changes it will bring into your daily life.

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