4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Home Buyers Fall in Love With Your Kitchen

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  • #1 - Prepare the kitchen before staging
  • #2 - What if older kitchen?
  • #3 - After staging the kitchen
  • #4 - Parting tips to keep in mind

Home staging can be very subjective.

People don’t have the same taste when it comes to homes (which is a good thing at times!) and interested home buyers don’t look for the same things when buying a house.

There is one thing, however, that most buyers can agree on: the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house.

Many buyers have walked away from a house because the kitchen was outdated and in need of serious TLC. After all, it is the heart of the home and the room that brings everyone together and if that is missing...

When you decide to sell your home, you might consider remodeling your kitchen. This is a good idea – if you have the money to do it.

Kitchens are generally more expensive to remodel than any other room in the house. Owners spend thousands to recreate the perfect kitchen but the investment does not always pay off.

If you want your kitchen to look fabulous, there are other ways to do so without breaking the bank and going over your budget.

Here are four quick and easy ways to make home buyers fall in love with your kitchen: 

#1 – Prepare the kitchen before staging

The first thing you have to do is give the kitchen a proper cleaning.

This includes wiping down everything inside and out, getting into those hard-to-reach places, and cleaning the floor.

Organize your cabinets so that they look more appealing. And, please, avoid cooking food that leaves a lingering smell. You might not know what the buyer’s tastes are, so it is the perfect excuse to get takeaway the night before the staging.

When you are done cleaning and organizing, get rid of the cleaning supplies and make sure that there is nothing on the countertops that might suggest you actually live there. It sounds silly, but buyers like to view homes that look like the picture-perfect AirBnB or B&B-type!

#2 – What if older kitchen? 

Newer kitchens are easier to get in shape than older kitchens because the modern buyer wants a modern kitchen. That’s unfortunately 90% of the case!

Reality is: older kitchens just need more attention.

However, you can start by replacing those old bulbs with energy-saving globes. This will already give off a more modern effect.

Consider how you can spruce up the windows in the kitchen. Maybe hang some trendy curtains over them. Find a way to show-off modern appliances to pull the room together. If your fridge is in another room, try moving it to the kitchen for the staging. 

#3 – After staging the kitchen

As soon as you have figured out where you are going to put what during the staging, there are a few final touches that you might want to add:

  • Place a small table and two chairs in the dining room to create the illusion that the particular space is being used.
  • Throw a rug under the table to create a comfortable environment.
  • Arrange artwork on the walls and put a few pot plants on the table and countertops for that added decorative element.
  • Remember to keep the colours neutral and stay away from bold patterns. 

#4 – Parting tips to keep in mind

Every home has its challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome when presenting it during a show house.

A small kitchen won’t be very presentable if you try and squeeze a 12-seat dining table in there. So, be realistic about the dimensions of your kitchen and organize it accordingly.

Ornaments and other knickknacks can be very effective if you arrange them in groups or clusters. Avoid placing random little figures in the kitchen that serve no purpose. Then it’ll immediately go from trendy to tacky.

And finally, why not bring in some colour with plants and flowers? Try to avoid bold patterns if you already have a kitchen that gives off a dramatic effect. 

All-in-all, staging the kitchen does not have to break the bank. These few tips undoubtedly will help you get your kitchen ready in no time!

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