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5 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Story Highlights
  • 1 - Maintaining Your Lawn and Landscape
  • 2 - Beautifying Your Concrete
  • 3 - Cleaning Your Exterior
  • 4 - Updating Your Windows
  • 5 - Painting Your Trim

Whether you’re looking to buy property, or you’re a homeowner already, you would love to have a home with curb appeal that really pops.


Read on for five great ideas to make your house stand out:

1 – Maintaining Your Lawn and Landscape

No matter how warm and welcoming your house may be on the inside, the outside might be telling another story.

If you’ve neglected your home’s exterior, you probably have a house that turns visitors off before they even get out of their cars. That’s why having a beautiful lawn and landscape is key to maximizing curb appeal.

Your lawn likely takes up the majority of your frontage, and it’s not always easy to keep it looking its best. Engaging a lawn care service can take the responsibility out of your hands, and it’s easy to find a good one by searching for lawn maintenance near me.

Not only can skilled specialists keep your grass looking full and lush, but they can also take care of your trees, shrubs, and flowers.

2 – Beautifying Your Concrete

Be sure not to overlook your driveway and paths when it comes to maximizing curb appeal.

Damaged, worn or stained concrete can really taint your home’s appeal, and may even be hazardous.

While simple patches and fixes are easy do-it-yourself projects, think about giving your hard surfaces a whole new look instead. Concrete treatments can give your driveway a face-lift, whether you opt for a clear coat that repels water and oil or a jazzy painted or stained surface.

Updating something that is so often neglected can make your home a real stand out.

3 – Cleaning Your Exterior

Paint is generally pretty durable, and redoing your whole home can be quite an undertaking. That being said, your exterior likely needs some refreshing from time to time.

Built-up dust, dirt, and grime, as well as soot from chimneys, can dull your home’s appearance and make it look drab and lifeless. Pressure washing can bring back some of its luster and really perk up your paint job.

If you live in a climate with harsh winters, washing your exterior each spring can be a simple way to restore your home’s good looks.

4 – Updating Your Windows

While windows can last for 20 years or more, yours might be crying out for replacement.

Windows that are warped or damaged may be a drain on your electric bill as well as your curb appeal, because if your windows look worn out your home probably does, too.

New windows, and window frames, can literally add sparkle to your home’s appearance. Consider, too, your window treatments.

Remember that your blinds, curtains or drapes are visible from the outside of your home, and if you’re aiming to make a great impression you may need to update them as well.

You can create a more pleasant look by matching all of your treatments so your front-facing windows have a cohesive look. You should also mirror their positioning by keeping all shades half-lowered or all drapes pulled open.

Every so often take a good look at your home from the outside to make sure your windows are commanding the right kind of attention.

5 – Painting Your Trim

Often it’s the little things that catch people’s eyes and really make your home stand out.

Repainting your door and window frames can pull all the rest of your hard work together, and it’s also your chance to get creative.

Choosing bold hues colors for these smaller surfaces is a great way to add a vibrant splash of color to the outside of your home. These little dashes of drama can grab your visitors’ attention without overwhelming them in the way a loudly painted house might.

Don’t forget to spiff up smaller things like your porch decor, mailbox, or house numbers, too. Details matter.

Follow these tips to revitalize your home and make it really pop, from the curb to the front door.

If you do, your house can soon be the envy of the neighborhood.


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