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5 Ways to Stay Organized in the Chaos of Home Construction

Story Highlights
  • 1. Leverage the Power of the Internet
  • 2. Organize Your Inspiration
  • 3. Use Boxes and Folders for Important Documents
  • 4. Store Everything Vital in One Place
  • 5. Discern Wants From Needs

Any home construction project is a major undertaking.

Whether you’re thinking about remodeling or repairing your already-existing home or having a new abode built from the ground up, the process is messy, intricate, and often downright chaotic.

Now more than ever, home can be the center of your family’s entire world. Having your haven disrupted during the process of trying to improve it can be a physically and emotionally daunting prospect.

Just keeping all of the physical materials that are part of the home construction process organized can be a major challenge. Here are five simple ways to help keep the craziness under control:

1. Leverage the Power of the Internet

Home improvement certainly involves a lot of paperwork, but these days the organization center of a construction project is online.

Email is how owners communicate with builders and subcontractors, and the sophisticated array of organizational folders in common email platforms can streamline online document organization almost automatically.

Construction companies themselves would do well to invest in a construction app that can both track a mobile workforce and keep track of project costs from the palm of your hand.

2. Organize Your Inspiration

Plans and inspirations for the construction of a new home come from multiple sources. Home improvement magazines, personal sketches, and professional blueprints are going to pile up.

It’s a good idea to invest in a set of special folders just for these items. A magazine rack or holder can be mounted on a wall or kept mobile for those times when you want to show the architect a potential idea.

Digital image platforms allow you to create inspiration boards full of photos and artistic renderings of design concepts that can then be shared instantly with anyone on the building team.

3. Use Boxes and Folders for Important Documents

Binders with attached labels can be invaluable when it comes to keeping the veritable mountain of documents like receipts, invoices, and contracts associated with home construction, not to mention actual plans for the various components of the home. This is often called a build binder.

Effective build binders use tabs to divide a house into different rooms or categories to tackle the project piecemeal. Don’t forget to clearly label everything and keep all of these items in boxes that are also clearly marked.

A smartphone can be a good method of keeping documents backed up and organized as well. Snapping a photo of a vital paper will keep your information at hand as well as being good insurance in the event that the physical copy gets lost or ruined.

4. Store Everything Vital in One Place

Whether this is an unused closet or the trunk of a car, it’s a good idea to keep everything related to the planning of the project separate and secure.

Having plans all in one place helps anyone heading a major project to focus on the task at hand. Also recommended is to keep some basic tools around for when construction choices have to be made on the spot.

A tape measure, floor plans, and an old-fashioned notebook and pencil will be invaluable for snap decision-making. Product samples such as paint chips and flooring samples should also be on hand.

5. Discern Wants From Needs

Possibly the most important part of keeping a home construction or home improvement project on track is to figure out what is needed versus what is simply wanted.

Learning the difference can prevent a waste of money and the accumulation of roadblocks in the construction process.

Make yourself a list of a few must-haves or deal-breakers in a new home, then make another list of things that it might be nice to have. Keep them separate, and stay focused on the core goals of the project.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the logistical headaches involved in home improvement and construction. By taking a breath, getting organized, and using a few simple organizational tools, staying sane while building a new home can be a breeze.


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