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Who, What, Why?™ is an innovative PropTech company that was born out of the desire to move away from the customary and the conventional - wow, that's a mouthful! Another way of putting it, our vision is fed by our passion for the complete symbiosis of real estate and technology. In driving this vision, our credo aims to make the home-finding process an exciting and rewarding journey - why not let ever-improving technologies assist us in making the search for properties a faster, easier, and more user-friendly experience?

Wouldn't you agree that "buying a home" entails soooo much more than just finding that perfect property?! It seems the journey only gets started at that time - whether it be organising that first viewing appointment with the real estate agent, soaking up that property's curb appeal, going through the pre-qualification process, deciding to put forward an offer to purchase document, going through the bond application process, offer negotiation, offer acceptance, registration, and finally, the big moving day and settling into the new neighbourhood! Phew, how tiring just to read all of that!

Luckily, at ImmoAfrica, we aim to educate people so they can make the (oftentimes) life-changing decisions based on facts, regardless of whether it may be in the home-buying/renting/selling or moving journey they may find themselves in. Bottom line: our “big why” is to fulfil people's living dreams, which is why our daily mission is to ensure that all factors that may play a role in that journey, are properly covered.

Since its inception in 2014 (has it been that long already?? Time flies when you're having fun!),™ has evolved into South Africa's No.1 FREE-TO- LIST property portal for real estate agents and commercial property brokers alike. With well over 1.4 million page views per month (and growing exponentially, may we add), and our overseas sister-portal,, generate a collective 80,000+ FREE LEADS per month, which makes us the single biggest „free lead-generator“ in South Africa for real estate professionals.

With over 90% of the South African real estate industry listing with us, 220.000+ residential and commercial property listings for sale and rent, as well as daily updated real estate news, tips, and advice, both consumers and real estate professionals are guaranteed to find what they are looking for!

Thank you for making it this far in our "About Us" section. Why not close off your session with another visit to our homepages – | – and get one step closer to finding your perfect home?

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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