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Cookie Policy

Legal Information

We use cookies and similar technologies on our websites, and

A cookie is a piece of information placed on your device to remember something about you or your device. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to remember your preferences and to help us make your experience of our website better. We also use cookies to show you tailored adverts which are more relevant to your interests.

Without these cookies, you will see advertising, but they may be irrelevant to you. We need to use some 'Necessary' cookies to make our website work, and you cannot turn these off here. For others, you can choose which categories we use by adjusting your preferences below.

Your cookie preferences

We use cookies and similar technologies to improve your ImmoAfrica experience, display advertising more relevant to you and allow you to sign into ImmoAfrica with your Google and various social media accounts. You can use the settings below to accept all cookies (which we recommend to give you the best personalised online experience) or to enable specific categories of cookies. You can change your settings at any time by returning to this page.


We need to use some cookies to make our website work properly and enable you to use all its functions without any issues. You cannot turn them off on our website, but if you disable these cookies in your browser settings, our website will not work correctly. We also use some cookies that let you use your social media details to log in to your account, and to count visitors to our website and where they most like to go on the site. This helps us to improve its overall functionality and to get paid by advertisers given we provide our services to our visitors without requesting payment from them.

Personalised experience

We use functional cookies to improve and personalise your experience on our website. We think these enhance your experience of using our services.

Refusing or withdrawing your consent to the use of cookies

You do not have to give consent to all our cookies. You can refuse consent by selecting only the categories of cookies you want us to use on this page, by adjusting your browser settings, or by using our website in "incognito" or "private" mode.

If you adjust your browser settings or use our website in "incognito" or "private" mode, you will also refuse essential cookies and so some parts of our website might not work as well as they otherwise would.

Updates to this policy

We change the cookies we use from time to time as we try to make our website even better. We will do our best to update this page when we make changes, so make sure you check back regularly.

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