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Properties in Clifton, Atlantic Seaboard

33 properties available on ImmoAfrica

Houses and Flats in Clifton, Atlantic Seaboard

Area Information

Stretched out over the Atlantic Seaboard lies the exclusive suburb of Clifton. Properties for sale in Clifton are in high demand due to its excellent location, ease of access to other nearby suburbs, and magnificent views. Residents of the area live a lavish lifestyle and it is known as one of the most affluent suburbs in Cape Town. Its sophistication is unmatched and it oozes incomparable class. Clifton-living is all about fashion, food, and fantastic scenery. What could be better than having the glorious mountains at your back and the tranquil sea straight ahead?

Clifton is situated close to the CBD and other coastal suburbs like Bakoven, Sea Point, and Camps Bay. Residents have easy access to all amenities like schools, clinics, and shops. The V&A Waterfront is a few minutes away and offers several shops for the shopaholics among us. The roads of Clifton are paved with restaurants that cater for everyone and a few pubs where you can watch the gorgeous sunset over the water. It is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors and those who have always dreamed of owning a beach house.

The history of Clifton is an interesting story and one that not many people know about. The first people to live on the Atlantic Seaboard were, of course, the San people. In those days they used to roam the coast and lived in caves along the beaches. In the 1700s Clifton was known as Schoemaker’s Gat or Cobbler’s Cave because, as the story goes, a shoemaker used to live in the caves. As farmers passed the area, he would mend their shoes. In the late 1800s, however, the name changed to Clifton, after Bessie Clifton who ran the only hotel in the area. The name stuck and by the 1900s many tourists made Clifton their number one holiday spot.

Today many holidaymakers choose Clifton as their home away from home when on holiday in the Mother City. People usually buy property to convert into holiday homes that are perfectly lined up along the coastline. Its main attraction is its set of four beaches numbered from one to four. These beaches are separated by granite boulders and tourists and locals frequent the area in the summer. What makes these beaches popular is that the sand is pearly white and they are mostly protected from the south-easterly wind. Even though it is a popular holiday destination, many locals choose Clifton as their permanent place of residence.

There is also a fifth beach to be explored in Clifton and it is very unique compared to the others. Moses Beach appears and disappears as the sand is washed away during the seasonal changes. It is the fourth beach especially that is immensely popular amongst tourists, and it is often the busiest beach during the summer. The rest of the beaches offer fun activities like surfing and volleyball. There are also several yachts bobbing along the beaches which creates the perfect beach atmosphere.

Properties in Clifton offer some of the best views of Cape Town and you can never grow tired of it. Clifton homes are nestled on the cliffs and homeowners really do have their own slice of paradise. It is the best area to buy if you are a working professional because it is close to the city whilst at the same time offering that sense of peace you long for after a tough day at work. It is also the perfect place for families to raise their children and retirees to enjoy nature in all its beauty. A home in Clifton is an investment that can’t go wrong.

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