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Top 13 Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Story Highlights
  • 13. Use Wall Mounts
  • 12. Reduce Bathroom Storage
  • 11. Dark Floors Add Depth
  • 10. Paint the Walls Light
  • 9. Pocket Doors Are A Must
  • 8. Keep Faucets Side-Faced
  • 7. Smaller Sinks Leave Space
  • 6. Even Floors Add Up Functionality
  • 5. Frameless Glass Panels
  • 4. Get Shower Enclosures
  • 3. Mounted Toilets
  • 2. Install Floating Vanity
  • 1. Add Mirrors And Mirrors

Homeowners find it difficult to design a bathroom when they are left with smaller space.

The good news is that there are changes you can bring in and you will end up with an amazingly comfortable space. Bathrooms must be comfortable for all the family members. The real estate value of a home is significantly affected by its bathroom design. 

It is possible to bring out a luxurious style statement in small bathroom spaces. When you have to buy less of the things such as tiles and fixtures, you can buy better quality products. 

If you are thinking of bathroom remodeling, consider these awesome bathroom design ideas for small space. You can incorporate all of these or pick as many of these as you like:

1. Add Mirrors And Mirrors

When you have got a small space, you need to very careful while designing your bathroom.

You must choose items that add space to the area. Mirrors are incredible additions that can add up to the illusion of broader space. 

Mirrors reflect light and more light means a feeling of vast space. Add a long wall of mirrors for an illuminated and beautiful bathroom.

2. Install Floating Vanity

The vanity items can be adjusted in smaller spaces. When it comes to small space, you need to be as thrifty as possible.

How about installing a floating vanity? This leaves a lot of space beneath and the floors look wide. 

Creativity can boost up space functionality. A lot of homeowners are adding shelves beneath the vanity or drawers are added to incorporate storage area in less space.  

3. Mounted Toilets

It has been a lot of years since we are using toilets connected to the floors.

The latest trend for smaller areas is to mount the toilet on walls. Our eyes trick us to assume a space larger than it’s if it has wide floors. 

Mounted toilets leave a lot of space on the floor. It is far easier to clean as there are no grooves. The best thing about mounted toilets is that it looks super trendy.   

4. Get Shower Enclosures

Bathtubs are almost an essential part of an average household’s bathroom. One must admit that it takes a lot of space.

So, if you build shower enclosures instead of bathtubs, you will be left with better functionality. It is equally usable by the elders, kids, and pets.

If you feel that tubs are safer for your kids, install wall-mounted smarter designs.

5. Frameless Glass Panels

Adding a shower enclosure is a great idea but shower curtains mask most of the space. They are quite difficult to clean and stick to the body. It is gross and quite unhygienic to some extent. 

Consider seamless glass panels as shower doors for your next bathroom renovation. It might be a bit more expensive but the investment is worth the amazing look. Utilize a corner for the shower enclosure.   

6. Even Floors Add Up Functionality

Floors play a huge role in the space illusion and functionality of a bathroom.

Floors with different levels reduce their functionality. Consider installing continual floors. These ensure easy mobility and effective cleaning. It is no secret that nooks and crooks are not easy to clean. 

Plus, owing to the humidity and warm temperatures of the bathroom, dirty crooks can be the breeding grounds for germs.

7. Smaller Sinks Leave Space

Other than the seamless walk-in shower, a smaller sink mounted on the wall is a great addition. You are left with a lot of space to place dustbins. Install drawers to add storage area in your bathroom. 

There are several drawer designs available that look gorgeous and add value to your small bathroom. Thin edge sinks made up of ceramic are reliable designs.

8. Keep Faucets Side-Faced

Side-faced faucets look trendy as well as save the space. This trend has been gaining popularity in the last few years.

Narrower sinks with side-faced faucets are loved for their look and thrifty use of space.

9. Pocket Doors Are A Must

Traditional doors take up a lot of space and all the installations are affected by its position and angle.

Switch to a pocket door if you have a small bathroom space.

It is one of the most loved ideas when it comes to designing smaller bathrooms. Plus, it is an affordable feature. A bathroom remodeling contractor would make a pocket in the wall and the door could easily slide in the pocket.  

10. Paint the Walls Light

Light colors give an illusion of wider areas. Choose light paint colors for bathroom walls. The brightest colors chosen for bathroom walls are white. It looks cleaner and you feel as if you stepped into an open space. 

For some of homeowners, white might be too difficult to maintain. They can choose from lighter hues of yellows, taupe, and ivory.  

11. Dark Floors Add Depth

You should use dark colors for small bathrooms. It is as crucial as adding light colors.

Dark colors are used to bring about a definition that creates a depth about smaller space. Pattern walls are preferred when adding definition to a wall. Accent walls are a bold choice but the right choice of color adds a lot of styles, whereas Mexican tiles with bold patterns are colors are used to design bathrooms.  

12. Reduce Bathroom Storage

Trust us on this: you are not going to need as much storage space as you think.

If you believe so, review all the items you put in the bathrooms. We often keep a lot of unneeded items and clutter. Reduce the bathroom storage spaces and you are left with open space for better mobility.  

13. Use Wall Mounts

Cabinets and drawers have been in trend for too long. They are going to stay in trend but open shelving is another great style option and you need not worry about bathroom remodeling cost.

Use bathroom walls in the best creative way and add wall-mounted shelves.

About the author: When you talk about the remodeling ideas, no one can help you better than Sarah Michelle. With ample experience in the field and dedication to work has been a pro in increasing the aesthetic value of places. To stay updated with the ins and outs of remodeling, her articles are a must-read on Revamp Home.


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