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5 Benefits of Having a Fire-Rated Door

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  • Benefit #1: Sound Proofing
  • Benefit #2: High-Quality Look
  • Benefit #3: High-Quality Feels
  • Benefit #4: Contains Smoke
  • Benefit #5: Safety With Aesthetics

Did you know that fire doors play an essential role in access control and protecting the people and the property from more than the outdoor elements?

In fact, these passive fire security systems are intended to ensure an opening with a fire-appraised obstruction.

The emergency doors are ordinarily used to secure openings in exits, for example, fire-rated stair walled in areas, fire-rated corridors, and flat exits. They are most of the time installed in fire barrier openings that are intended to protect your building structure and the people in it from explicit hazards, just as compartmentalize your building structure into explicit fire areas.

Fire-rated doors are an essential element when it comes to fire stopping.

But come to think about it, why do all the buildings need fire doors?

Below we have gathered a list of the top reasons as to why such doors have become a necessity.

Obviously, apart from some live-saving benefits, there are many surprising benefits that most of the people have yet not thought about, which is why you need to read this blog post until the end:

Fire Door – Benefit #1: Sound Proofing

Without any doubt, these are quite heavy and thick. They are more acoustically insulating than the other residential and commercial doors, which is why they can prevent the noise transfer from one room to another.

For example, a utility room that has a tumble dryer or a washing machine, the fire doors would come in handy in dampening the noise of such loud appliances. Other than that, they can even contain a fire too if one was ignited because of the appliances.

Fire Door – Benefit #2: High-Quality Look

You can say goodbye to the days when the fire doors were bayou standard, wood-grained, and plain ugly.

Now with the help of technology, such doors are available in glazed, paneled, and just about every design that you could think of without worrying about their overall performance.

Fire Door – Benefit #3: High-Quality Feels

With regard to the thick and solid construction, these fire doors have been reported to display a feel of more quality product than the rest of the conventional internal doors.

The reason for this is because of the weight behind the door which makes them feel a bit bulky and sturdy. However, this might not be true on paper though.

The high-quality feel of the fire door might not be on your priority list, but when you plan to sell the house, having such a door in the house or office would make a good first impression.

In short, fire doors will help you increase the value of the property a lot. Don’t worry, the fire-rated door cost will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Fire Door – Benefit #4: Contains Smoke

We all know that raging flames are the more dramatic danger of fire, well, smoke is quite hazardous too. Thanks to the fire doors, they are highly equipped with a measure that in general reduce the spread of such deadly smoke.

The reason behind this is because their seals expand as the area gets hotter, which creates a barrier between the smoke-filled area with the outside environment. This not only reduces the smoke damage but is also thought of as imperative for saving lives.

Fire Door – Benefit #5: Safety With Aesthetics

While the expression of fire doors may evoke pictures of a hardcore eyesore, modern models are now available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

This enables a business or residence to join a significant safety measure into a building structure’s engineering, while at the same time saving the outwardly satisfying plan of the remainder of the space.

About the author: When it comes to express the ideas based on home makeover and protection, Sarah Michelle has the highest experience and wanted you all to learn what’s new in the market. Stay tuned for her latest post to grab the chunk of useful information.

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