Cottonfield Estate-GLH & Associates Architects

The Cottonfields complex by GLH & Associates Architects, comprises four single-family houses located on a subdivision in the leafy suburb of Atholl. Each house has been individually designed to take advantage of the particular strengths of its situation on the site, and although each has its own personality, they are linked by a common theme and architectural language.

The concept throughout the houses is the linking of a thread of different open volumes, geometries, and textures along an axial vista, the punctuation of which is a landscaped view. Each room has been planned to make the most of the internal-external relationships, giving access and views onto a range of garden spaces. The changing play of light and shadow moving through the volumes illustrates the changing spirit of the house from day to night.

Spaces manage at once to be generous and intimate, and the balance between public and private areas has been carefully articulated. The overriding principles of the stylistic language are the creation of a timeless effortless elegance, contrasting modern and traditional materials, textures, and technologies. Timber, stone, marble, high tech kitchens, and remote controlled lighting create a sense of luxury and well-being in what is foremost a comfortable family home environment.

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