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How to Embrace the Grandmillennial Design Trend in Your Home?

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  • No.1 - Patterned wallpaper
  • No.2 - Bold fabric patterns and colours
  • No.3 - Bold fabric patterns and colours
  • No.4 - Dark-stained wood furniture
  • No.5 - Needlepoint

If you think your grandparents’ design styles are the trends of yesteryear, think again. Millennials are recycling classic designs and putting their own spin on them.

Grandmillennial has been labeled as the design trend of the year and it aims to add an eclectic charm to modern minimalist looks.

So, don’t throw out those vintage inheritance pieces just yet. They are here to stay for quite some time. Whether you live in a flat or a bigger house, here are a number of ways in which you can master the style:

No.1 – Patterned wallpaper

Patterns are essential if you want to create the grandmillennial look, so be sure to include classic prints like toile, chintz, chinoiserie, and florals when you buy new wallpaper.

Because these patterns are so bold, you should keep the colour palette light and consistent so that you avoid cluttering.

You want to create a cosy and comfortable environment and a busy colour scheme will definitely distract from that aim. A good rule of thumb is to keep the size of the room in mind. The smaller the size of the room, the smaller the pattern should be. 

No.2 – Bold fabric patterns and colours

Bold patterns and colours can add personality to any space and it gives you the freedom to develop your own style.

You can incorporate it in your curtains, your upholstery, and your wallpaper. This way it makes a bigger statement than simply adding a bold throw pillow on one of the couches.

If you aren’t ready to invest in such a big move, you can start by adding smaller pieces to your living area. An accent chair or an ottoman will already make a huge difference and you might just decide to redo the entire room once you see the effect. 

No.3 – Brass, porcelain, and plenty of texture

Grandmillennial style has also been branded as granny-chic because it creates a timeless, vintage effect.

By adding brass or gold to your colour scheme you will make a huge statement. Brass Victorian-style mirrors or gold candle holders demand attention without being too imposing.

You can also add blue and white porcelain décor throughout your home, like a vase or decorative kitchenware. The vintage look of the brass and porcelain and the modern look of your home will contrast each other beautifully. 

No.4 – Dark-stained wood furniture

In the past few years, homeowners and designers have moved away from dark woods and have opted for lighter woods for a softer effect.

True to the bold style of grandmillennial, dark-stained wood furniture is making a comeback.

Instead of trying to cover up the dark pieces that you have, keep them exactly as they are. You can incorporate dark furniture in almost every room in your house. Thrift shops have beautiful wooden side tables for your bedroom and you might even pick up a coffee table for your living room.

You can also reconsider redoing your kitchen and installing dark-stained wood cabinets. 

No.5 – Needlepoint

As a child, you might have thought that needlepoint was the epitome of boredom but it is making a huge comeback in grandmillennial style.

It is resurfacing as a new hobby amongst millennials and it works great as décor. (no kidding!)

You may even already have some embroidery tucked away in a closet somewhere, so now is the perfect time to dust them off and actually hang them on the walls. If you have a steady hand, you might download some embroidery patterns and spice up your pillowcases a bit yourself. 

Grandmillennial style is very much a case of in with the old and in with the new. Dust off your vintage collections and set them free in your home!

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