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5 Creative Ideas for Your Kitchen Island Storage

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  • #1 – Add door cabinets
  • #2 – Kitchen island door cabinets with stools
  • #3 – Add glass doors to your kitchen island
  • #4 – Add a few drawers
  • #5 – Add open shelves

The kitchen island is a great addition to any kitchen but it also takes up a lot of space.

They are placed in the middle of the kitchen which can make it difficult for you to move around.

It might also mean that you have less space for storage.

There are, however, a few ways in which you can turn your kitchen island into the perfect storage unit.

The best part is that it doesn’t even have to look like a storage unit. It can add to the decor in your kitchen. Here are five creative ideas for your kitchen island storage:

#1 – Add door cabinets

Door cabinets are a great way to close off kitchen islands and turn them into makeshift cupboards.

You can easily add door cabinets on both sides of the kitchen island if you have the space. This should provide you with enough space for pots and pans that you use regularly.

Most kitchen islands are deep enough so that there is extra space at the back. You can store items that you use less frequently at the back of your kitchen island so that it is out of the way. 

#2 – Kitchen island door cabinets with stools

If you have stools around your kitchen island, then it might be slightly difficult to add door cabinets around it. Luckily, there is a solution.

If your kitchen island is deep enough, you can choose to make the door cabinets a bit shallower. If you push the door cabinets to the back of the kitchen island, then you will still have enough space for stools.

You won’t have to compromise your cosy kitchen area and you can enjoy extra storage space!

#3 – Add glass doors to your kitchen island

Glass doors always make for a classy finish especially in a kitchen. Glass door cabinets, in general, allow you to put your beautiful crockery on display for your guests to “ooh” and “ah” at.

Adding glass doors to your kitchen island creates an unexpected effect because these cabinets will be a bit lower than normal kitchen cupboards.

You can use it as a display case for your glass bowls and porcelain tea sets that you only use for special occasions.

You don’t have to install glass doors all around kitchen islands. Two doors will also create a sleek and modern look. 

#4 – Add a few drawers

People often underestimate the importance of drawers in a kitchen.

If you don’t have enough surface space for drawers then you can easily have them installed in kitchen islands. This way you can have all your cutlery in one place.

It is especially convenient if you are planning on eating meals around the kitchen island.

You might pay a bit more than when you install cabinets but it also means that there is an added element of convenience.

Drawers add a sleeker look to kitchen islands, further enhancing the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

#5 – Add open shelves

Open shelves are very popular because it adds to the open-plan design that is trending at the moment.

Similar to glass doors, open shelves allow you to display your items and it is convenient to use them when you are busy in the kitchen.

How easy would it be to grab the macaroni or grab a cup of coffee without having to open a door? It might be the simplest way of storing things but it is still the most efficient. 

Kitchen islands can easily be spruced up and turned into an amazing storage space. With these few tips, you’ll look at your kitchen island with new eyes!


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