5 Outdoor Trends Home Buyers Detest

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  • 1 - Overly bright outdoor lights
  • 2 - Landscaping laid out with a ruler
  • 3 - Garishly coloured mulch
  • 4 - Huge lawns
  • 5 - Over-the-top landscaping

If all your fingers are green, then landscaping can be an amazing hobby.

Many homeowners get that sudden rush when the first spring flowers bloom and the butterflies start visiting their homes. It’s enough to get anyone excited for summer!

Before you start dreaming about lazy days in the garden or in your newly-renovated patio area, it is important to know what is trending and what is not.

If you are planning on selling your home in the next season, be careful of the changes you make outside. Here are 5 outdoors trends that buyers seem to detest:

1 – Overly bright outdoor lights

Using lighting as a design tool has become very popular and in a garden, it is important – especially if you live in a dark area.

There is a thing such as too much, though.

Be careful that you don’t turn your garden into a sports stadium when you are only trying to highlight certain trees or shrubs.

Lights can take a toll on your garden and your street, especially if they are motion activated. Tone this down and use a measured approach.

You can install 50-75 watt bulbs but don’t use anything stronger than the fixture allows.

2 – Landscaping laid out with a ruler

Back in the day everyone wanted a house that had the perfect suburban bliss effect.

Yards and lawns used to be so neat and precise, it looked like the grass was cut using a ruler. Those neat lines are a thing of the past and modern buyers want more of a natural look in their yards.

Nature is, after all, not geometric or straight, so why plant your trees and shrubs that way? Add some curved lines to your garden beds for a softer, more realistic appearance.

3 – Garishly coloured mulch

Some gardening ‘experts’ have claimed that coloured mulch, like red or black, is better for plants because they absorb more sun, but honestly, this is the worst thing you can have in your garden.

These natural hues can be a total turnoff and they decompose slower than other types of mulch. They are also more susceptible to fungus that can attach itself to nearby trees or shrubs.

Coloured mulches have also shown a decrease in growth speed in the plants that they carry and they even starve new plants from nutrients in the soil.

Rather stick to natural bark instead.

4 – Huge lawns

If you are thinking about having a huge lawn, just forget about it. Not only does it become boring and monotonous, but it also means more maintenance and upkeep.

Plant less grass and more native foliage if you want a modern look. You can easily arrange it so that it complements the look of your home and give your property the same flair a bigger lawn would have.

You can choose plants and shrubs that grow and thrive naturally in your area.

5 – Over-the-top landscaping

Believe it or not, you can go over the top, even with natural elements in your yard.

Many people don’t consider how their landscaping choices will influence their neighbors.

Sculpted trees and elaborate plants might seem amazing at first, but very few homeowners realize the amount of time they will be spending maintaining these types of plants.

Not all homeowners enjoy this task, so it is a risk that you take when you have it in the garden whilst trying to sell. Modern homeowners are happier with simple elements and fewer bushes to fertilize and water.

Landscaping does not have to be a difficult or annoying venture. With these few tips, you can make it easier for yourself and for the homeowner after you!

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